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How Ukrainians will look to the future region in 10 years: KIIS training

In 2023, it is important that the majority of Ukrainians (73%) preserve the faith, about ten years from now Ukraine will be a prosperous country in the EU warehouse. In 2022, there were 88% of such people.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this based on data from the KISC survey.

Sociologists indicate an increase in pessimistic attitudes. From 5% to 19% there are more people who believe that in ten years Ukraine will be a country with a ruined economy and a great flow of people.

In all regions, the majority of the population respects that Ukraine will prosper in the future this edge in the EU warehouse. Apparently there are fewer of them on the Skhodya, where 67% have optimistic views (and pessimistic views account for 25%). In other regions, 73-76% are optimistic about the future (pessimistic – 16-19%).

Despite this, most Ukrainians are optimistic about the future. However, younger respondents are slightly more pessimistic. Zokrema, among respondents aged 18-29 years, 68% are optimistic about the future of Ukraine in 10 years, and 26% are pessimistic.

Having appointed the director of KIIS, Anton Grushetsky, it was natural to realize that after a significant surge, the level of optimism would decrease over time. “At the same time, in spite of the jealousy of optimism, it is really saved to reach a high level (through all the tests that Ukraine and the Ukrainians go through),” he said.

The sociologist guessed that it is often subjectively inconsistent with the situation flows more strongly into the inheritance , lower objective environment.

“If we were to predict the cruel fate of 2022, it looked like a farewell ceremony to the entry into Ukraine. All the objective changes were absolutely not to the benefit of Ukraine, and only the Ukrainians themselves believed in the possibility of Defeat the attack and Ukraine not only withstood, but also succeeded release a significant part of your territories and create the prospect of European integration,” said Grushetsky.

In other words, for the success of one another, the image of the future does not involve a simple assessment of the credibility of these or other conditions (as in predicting, for example, the trajectory of the planet). “For success, the forecast and the plan are interconnected, the success of either option brings closer or further development. The optimistic outlook for the future encourages us and gives us strength to punish the aggressor,” – having added wine.

Operation was carried out on April 4-10, 2023, among 1,200 respondents in all regions, including the currently occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas, as well as the territory where at the time of the survey there was a daily Ukrainian mobile connection.

For the experimental data bath for the Razumkova Center Foundation “Democratic Initiatives”, as of 2023, the belief in victory continues to unite the absolute majority of Ukrainians (88%), and 63% of them definitely believe in victory. Less than 5% of respondents have doubts.

More than half of Ukrainians (58%) believe that Ukraine will survive this war in the short term: 6% – in the next few months, 21% – up to ita 2024 fate, another 31% – after 1-2 years.

Before victory, the mid-term prospect (3-5 years) is 15% of respondents. In this case, the supporters of the most pessimistic scenario, who do not believe that victory will come for their life, are in an absolute minority (2.5%).

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