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How you can get a job and withdraw payments from Nimechchina: a lawyer’s explanation

Name has received the largest number of Ukrainian refugees from Europe We are preparing to integrate them into the market. Nowadays, the country provides generous social support to Ukrainians on par with German citizens.

How you can get work and take away social assistance from Germany, in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine, the young man explained lawyer at Stron Legal Services Illya Butskiy.

benefits when practicing

In Germany, the Federal Employment Agency (German: Bundesagentur für Arbeit) helps people find a job and provides advice on all those related to them, says a lawyer.

There are also local agencies for public health services (German: Agentur für Arbeit). They can be found in many places. If you have problems with power supply, you can go to the nearest municipal agency for supplies. There they will provide information, medical qualifications and professional credentials to people who may be most useful in order to help them find a suitable job. “As a general rule, if you find a job, you lose the opportunity to withdraw benefits. There are a few options if you can apply for and not waste the withdrawal of social assistance payments,” says Illya Butsky. .

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Being a robot allows you to save social assistance from the state

You can avoid wasting social assistance by working part-time. For example, the employment center can continue to pay for living expenses, health insurance, school meals, and save other benefits – for example, a business plan. Also, if unemployment assistance is insured, income from private employment will be insured.

In addition to full-time employment, Ukrainian refugees from Nimechchyna have access to two more types of jobs, says the lawyer.

  • “Mini-job” (Mini-job), unsteady employment – people receive a regular monthly salary for their work , which does not exceed 538 euros. But if the employment is separated by 3 months or 70 working days per week and month, the city exceeds 538 euros.

“As a worker with casual employment and insured against accidents in the workplace and at work, you are covered by the compulsory medical insurance system. However, you are not covered by the compulsory medical insurance system. “bath, the insurance system for long-term care and the insurance system for falling into unemployment,” – Illya Butsky is deeply respected.

Civil servants, who are called “min-robots”, usually contribute to pension insurance, paying pension contributions in the amount of 3.6% of their salary (13.6%, since they work for the private state). In this case, you have the opportunity to submit an application for compulsory pension insurance.

“From the point of view of labor law, you have the same rights as those who work a regular working day. For example, you have the right for the minimum wage established by law, paid leave and continued payment of wages in case of sickness and on holy days, as well as additional payments for vacancy and curtains,” explains Fakha. here you go.

  • average employment (Midi-job) – with the work record, the average monthly salary becomes 538.01 to 2000 euros. The disadvantage of precarious employment lies in the fact that workers and workers pay obligatory contributions for health insurance and long-term care insurance, and in case of unemployment and pension insurance. Instead, you should pay less than those who work on a regular working day.

“You also have the right to continued assistance in health protection, long-term care, unemployment insurance and pension insurance up to your salary,” adds the lawyer.

Photo: Nimechchina Job Fair (gettyimages.com)< /p> Do you need to declare income from remote work in Ukraine while withdrawing social payments from Germany

On the website of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the connection with the numerical inputs of paid taxes of one hundred tax residence and taxation of income of Ukrainian citizens, who are currently behind the cordon during the war in Ukraine I will publish the transfer of questionnaires from countries, where there are options for possible nutrition podatkuvannya behind the cordon, means Illya Butsky. “If a person resides in Nimechchina, then she is subject to the benefits of a non-taxable tax obligation (then she is considered a resident tax payer). The income from the work for hiring supports taxation in Nimechchina,” means Vin. At the same time, as it is obvious to the bilateral agreement about the uniqueness of the subordinated employment of a person who is a resident of Ukraine, his income from employment is subject to taxation only in Ukraine as the region of residence, regardless of whether The move was taken from the German or foreign language, due to the fallout, if the robot ends up in Nіmechchini. “In this way, official income from remote work in Ukraine needs to be declared only by a person who is a resident tax payer or a resident of Germany,” says the lawyer.

As far as we know, we will given, what vacancies and salaries preach to Ukrainian refugees near Nimechchyna. The government of the country has officially announced a change in the course so that the Ukrainians can no longer maintain a high level of knowledge of the German language.

We also wrote that since the beginning of the war, integration courses have been taking place in Ukraine. Fewer than half of the Ukrainians who were given this right completed their missions successfully.< /p>

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