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“I asked” for Vidmova to vote in pseudo-elections: a collaborator from Kherson was covered up

Law enforcement officers hounded a collaborator who “gave up” Ukrainian patriots during the occupation of Kherson Vote for Vidmova on pseudoviborah. He is threatened with up to 10 years of imprisonment with confiscation of the lane.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this after sending a message to the SBU press service.

The agency says that the accused took part in organizing an illegal referendum RF the period of the occupation of Kherson.

The woman also “gave” the city residents to the prison camps for what they did against the occupation and spoke out against the Kremlin’s fake plebiscite.

From parking lots to politics

The 59th was the villain car park cleaner, after the burial of the place, she voluntarily entered the warehouse of the occupation “viborch” Korabelny district of the place.

Intermittently at the walls of the pseudo-establishment, the collaborator with a ballot box and “ballots” bypassed the confusion of Kherson residents and called on them to vote for the annexation of the regional center to the warehouse of the Russian Federation.

The SBU will respect that during the hour of such “raids” the evildoers were escorted These are the fireplaces, who threatened people with machine guns and ties with different people took part in a pseudo-referendum.

“Given up” powerful neighbors

One of these victims was a hospital worker from the Union of Social Security in a rich apartment building (OSBB), in who lived the health center.< /p>

Following the “guidance”, the occupier’s collaborators kidnapped a woman who was inspired to “vote” for the aggressor country, and they took her to the Russian Kativna.

She took away the passport of the Russian Federation for the sake of security and “priviley”

For spіvpratsi iz zagarbnikami, the collaborator took away the passport of the Russian Federation and “priviley” for the sake of uninterrupted transfer around the place.

After the liberation of Kherson, the figurant went to Mikolayev, de formalized the status of an internally displaced person, and in this way sought to achieve the end of justice.

Meanwhile, the SBU intelligence officers established the place where the evildoer was living for an hour and detained them.

What was revealed during the search

During the search of the area of ​​the hospital in Kherson and Mykolayiv law enforcement officers obtained 2 mobile phones no telephones, no evidence of spying with fire extinguishers and propaganda materials of the Russian Federation.< /p>

Attrition has been announced about the suspicion of collaboration, committed behind the previous group of individuals.

“The infection is underway under the war. The evildoers face up to 10 prison sentences from the conference I’m looking for a lane,” the SBU said .

SBU is targeting Ukrainian citizens

It was recently reported that a dangerous agent who worked for the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) suffered 15 crimes. He monitored the ZSU equipment through a video recorder.

Also, the commander of a Russian combat vehicle, who destroyed a stratum of civilians in the Kiev region, was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.

Cream of that , two more collaborators from the Kharkiv region received their votes. They were convicted of helping the Russians rob the Spivgromadians during the occupation period.

Previously, we were informed about those who were hijacking the ruler of the Internet provider in Kiev. The man served in the time-occupied part of the Luhansk region and worked as a prisoner.

Yesterday it became clear that law enforcement officers were looking for a collaborator from Kherson, who took part in organizing the “referendum” of the Russian Federation. It's time for the hour-long occupation of the place.

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