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“Ice period”. What is the conflict between Scholz and Macron and what does it mean for Ukraine

The Lute Summit of European Leaders in Paris and a Statement about a Possible Departure to People from Ukraine praised the visiting press . Whoever wrote about the welding between French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz may have outgrown the fortune teller.

About those that happened in reality, finally Macron is a vikory political troll ng, who sparked a conflict with Scholz What does this mean for our region, according to RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were consulted: publications Politico, Bloomberg, Bild, Süddeutsche Zeitung, FAZ, Die Welt, statements by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, commentary by political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko.

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Macron, Scholz and Ukraine: what happened to reality

Photos of the warm hand-clasped hands of Macron and Scholz at the gatherings of the Elysee Palace should not be misleading. The remaining super-chicken between them swedishly means the beginning of the “unsafe ice-age period”, which means the generous view of Bild, as well as the entire German press.

“The main engine of Europe? For a decade the standard type will be- some European diplomat bula: Franco-German engine. He rarely performs like a one-year-old. And he rarely had bad experiences with him, like today,” the tabloid details.

The language is about the differences in the Ukrainian food supply, including the possible delivery of the “ground forces”, predicted by Macron and categorically rejected by Scholz. Due to the shortage of ammunition in Ukraine, French and German leaders disagree on the idea of ​​more military assistance. Since the very beginning of the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Berlin's policy has supported the principle of avoiding direct confrontation with Moscow at any cost. And after the informal meeting in Paris on the 26th, Macron brought back German caution.

“We are doing everything we can to guarantee that Russia cannot win this war,” he said, without revealing the sending of incoming armies to Ukraine.

His comments were in sharp contrast in the words of Olaf Scholz, who is afraid of Russia’s reaction to the supply of long-range Taurus missiles. It is important that many people do not think about those who are going to drag Germany into the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Most NATO leaders distanced themselves from Macron, insisting that there were no plans to govern the war. Scholz also threw out any pretence, declaring that there would be no ground forces of European countries or NATO in Ukraine.

“The words of Olaf Scholz are often expressed in songs and whispers. Tim is more impressed by the humility with which the Chancellor began singing that under current circumstances there were no German soldiers to reach Ukraine,” stated the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

For days, Macron clarified: “nothing can be turned off” at the military’s food supply. This only means the beginnings of a discussion about aid to Ukraine on its territory, and not that Paris seriously considers such a possibility. In my opinion, the moment is approaching when in Europe “it’s better not to be afraid,” and partners need to get active. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius called the statement counterproductive and one that does not help resolve the problems of assistance to Ukraine. The later President of France noted that he did not respect Berlin itself, but rather wanted the “cowardice” of the allies.

There is no welding, and neither do the warlocks. It's time for Macron to troll Scholz and what is Ukraine like here

The differences between Scholtz and Macron are growing like a blatant thief, write Politico. German officials complain about the French leader’s readiness to speak harshly about Ukraine, since his support for his country cannot be compared with the German one.

According to data from the Kil Institute, France, with its 640 million euros, is behind Germany, which has given or pledged 17.7 billion euros in aid. That's why Scholz is willing to use the opportunity to press on Paris to transfer more armor and ammunition.

The French government declares that it has spent 3.8 billion euros, and officials say that they really need to save money and pay for it with less money, the Germans. Behind these words, with a showy butt, Scholz is not supposed to hit the Taurus rocket. The French, by the way, gave the green light to SCALP. These are actually analogues, but it is important that the German missile has a more suitable warhead against such targets as the Crimean region.

“The problem is that Macron's position is weakened by the obligations of the military supplement could, yaku France “has been given to Ukraine so far, which does not reflect its status as the strongest military power in Europe,” Bloomberg quotes a report from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Rim Momtaz.

Ukraine is asking for Taurus due to the shortage of ammunition. The defense forces were forced to deprive Avdiivka, which brought Russia significant success in the remaining months. Taurus is needed to organize Russian warehouses and logistics far behind the front line. However, Scholz insists that supplies will never come from the throats of military forces for missile programming. And after a round of negotiations, Luftwaffe officers named another argument against it – the need for control so that Ukraine does not attack Russian territory.

A report about this about those who are angry with the German officers iv , more than everything, to further the perspective of the Taurus, read in the accompanying material from RBC-Ukraine.

Political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko says: there is no conflict or division between Scholz and Macron. If there was a stink, then the chancellor would hardly have come to the summit. Between them there is competition and long-standing rivalries that have been drawn up since Scholz won the German order in 2021.

“And also trolling. The statement about “fearfulness” is not obvious trolling and, in my opinion, not correct, although we have a lot of money. You can criticize Scholz for being careful with the Taurus, but for the sake of justice, Germany provided Ukraine with more military aid than “France”, – RBC-Ukraine reports.

But as far as Ukraine is concerned, there are no fundamental differences here. Macron emphasizes the theme of assistance in order to show himself as “the new European Churchill” and to contrast with the Chancellor.

“The idea of ​​sending a military order, but the trouble is that the President of France is miraculously sane, which would be a proof. Cody. It’s good that the discussion has started, but it would be necessary to start it in other forms in order to preserve the uniformity and not provoke the mass “no.” I would say, this is Macron’s political game,” he added.

Not less than Ukraine. A long history of differences from many aspects

The differences between Macron and Scholz have a long history.

“The only remaining problem is for the Franco-German joints. France and Germany are competing with the development of projects for combat aircraft and tanks, mutually blocking the progress of the European Union. NATO solidarity from the point of view of security policy is in doubt more than anything, Donald Trump (the favorite of the Republicans in the presidential races in the United States – ed.),” says Die Welt.

Read the report about his recent accidents from the material “Running into criticism. Trump's announcement encourages Europe to reconsider US leadership in NATO.”

What is definitely noticeable is how the difference in approaches manifests itself. According to one French official, Macron regards Scholz as a leader without humility and ambition, who does not hesitate to stand between short-term perspectives. Bloomberg writes from correspondence with unnamed spivrozmovniks that there has been “no chemistry” between them since the first day. And Berlin develops a monarchical figure, which is more about the grandiose ideas that live in their life.

Photo: Macron and Scholz and without Ukraine have a long history of differences (Getty Images)

On the other hand, there is a difference in internal contexts. The President of France will be out of office until the end of another term in 2027. At that time, as the German colleague tried to save the tripartite coalition due to the high ratings of the right-wing “Alternatives for Germany”, whose misfortune with the supply of goods to Ukraine received song support among the voters.

The most important moment is the change in the economic situation from 2018 to fate, since the rate of growth in France began to outpace the German one. The prospects for Paris look decidedly bleak after the energy crisis that hit Berlin and led to a recession in 2023 through Vidmova from cheap Russian resources.

Scholz and Macron are good to know one one. According to one Bloomberg report, the turning point was in 2018, when the then finance minister and vice-chancellor of France were encouraged to take their place in the UN Security Council at the benefit of the EU. Suvory, indifferent, and perhaps forever true to his word, Scholz is oriented toward the United States. And Macron, who is flexible and willful to the point of making broad gestures, pushes for the strengthening of Europe.

As Bild writes, severe conflicts of interests have arisen for a number of reasons:

The waters between them have special competition. Macron is no longer the European leader that Angela Merkel was when she was in power.

“Scholz doesn't want anything special, but shows caution. In this period, we have developed differences in political styles. And German – not the same search “And the French – bright, bold statements, behind which there is often no action. And the Germans seem less, they act more,” explains Fesenko.

The debate is at odds, otherwise there will be inheritance for Ukraine

Superechka praised EU diplomats on the open stage. Especially ahead of the elections to the European Parliament, on which successes the bloc may come to the fore. As Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung respects, we are immediately “welding” into the hands of the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin.

“At the Kremlin, the corks of the Crimean champagne are undoubtedly being uncorked. Macron and Scholz, regardless of the difference in temperament and gender Itic traditions, the guilty ones decided to unite because they want to discredit Putin,” the video means.

According to the words of Volodymyr Fesenko, Russian propaganda and Putin are trying to convince the world of the remaining case. Ale neither Macron nor Scholz do not tread the red lines.

At the same time, it is impossible not to note that everything is happening at the most unfavorable moment for Ukraine, since the military campaign has ended with the unprecedented commitment of the EU to deliver 1 million shells by spring, and an important package of 60 billion dollars for is being debated in the US Congress. It’s not surprising that Ukrainians are afraid that Russian troops can break through their defenses before the summer, says Bloomberg.

According to the words of one of the participants of the summit, Macron said that he wants to dispel doubts about the establishment of Ukraine. go against . Ale yo words were supported by context, as many people respect Scholz’s disrespectful behavior.

“There are many who seem to be “no” today, were the same people who said “no tanks, no planes, no long-range missiles” are two reasons for that… I know the world in which Germany and France were today one after the other,” – said the French president.

And the official representative of the German order, Steffen Hebestreit, was tempted to declare mutual trust, this political game is not related to the support of our country.

< p dir="ltr">“For Ukraine, there will be no negative consequences from any manifestation of this discussion. There will be an infection both in Paris and in Berlin, we understand that we need to help. Smut, so that the stench will be more prevalent in food. We guess 20 22nd position of Scholz, Macron and the same The Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, spoke about being given the status of a candidate for accession to the EU. Although there is no military assistance, Macron simply beat the Taurus story. I am sure that the leaders will save offense solidarity,” Fesenko said.

Today, there is a lack of leadership in Europe, which has become alarming in the eyes of the United States and NATO, and now it is not a fact that it will be revealed at the right moment. The German Chancellor, who is especially unprepared for leadership, wanted the rich people of Germany to appear decisive in the Ukrainian sub-tribe, they said, “He has no authority, no system, and no political power.” ї vagi, like bulls from Angela Merkel. But what is Macron's problem? Let's say that you are a leader, and be him in the right way – different speeches. You don't want to wait, run in front of the locomotive and vote for the visionary ideas. This calls out the songs of jealousy side of the Germans, who called to practice Otherwise: wait, formalize and move on. I don’t see a big problem in the difference of political styles, it’s not critical. And Ukraine won’t get into trouble. The special hundred-year-olds of Scholz and Macron have no problems for us. The real problem for us is the USA and the American Congress sі “, – the political scientist concluded.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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