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Ignat: Ukraine is not building new infrastructure for the F-16

The adaptation of existing airfields in Ukraine is currently ongoing.

Representative of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yuriy Ignat

Ukraine will not build, adaptation is ongoing now Ukrainian airfields.

The speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Yuri Ignat, spoke about this during the telethon.

“Preparation, construction, adaptation are different things. This must be understood. Build infrastructure from scratch, like what we have in leading Western countries, we are now unlikely to be able to afford it. Because intense fighting is going on, the enemy will not allow global construction to be carried out. Airfields are constantly being shelled, including with ballistic missiles,” Ignat emphasized. >According to the speaker, the preparation of aircraft parking areas and runways at airfields.

“This is the minimum preparation of runways so that Western aircraft such as the F-16 do not have barriers to takeoffs and landings from our operational airfields, we have many operational airfields, but those from which F-16s will operate will be determined,” he added.

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