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In Austria they hounded an ex-officer for the benefit of Russia

A large number of Federal Department officers were arrested in Vidnya due to the protection of the constitution combat terrorism (BVT). The prosecutor's office is currently investigating the criminalization of a suspect by the service and conducting secret intelligence in the interests of the Russian Federation.

RBC-Ukraine reports this through correspondence with the Austria Presse Agentur.

< p>We've arrested a huge police officer of the service for the protection of the constitution Egisto Ott. Currently, the prosecutor's office is currently investigating the criminal exploitation of the service station and conducting secret intelligence on the Skoda of Austria. The man is also accused of handing over the mobile phones of high-ranking officers to Russian spies.

Press Secretary of the Prosecutor's Office Nina Bussek informed about the arrest of one person, but Falter's data informs about the arrest of the suspect's son-in-law as well.

With an arrest warrant, we see from the prosecutor's office, a large BVT police officer Ott finish your drink at once. It is unknown whether any fuss will be filed about this taking under the wartu. The prosecutor's office has been working for 48 years, or up to a week.

The essence of the investigation

From being a defense officer of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight against Terrorism (BVT), which is no longer the case today. Recently, he hit the headlines of ZMI through the right of a large member of the board of directors of Wirecard, Jan Marsalek, who is seeking justice. Marsalek and Ott created a crazy twist on Russia’s crust within the framework of BVT. It turns out that Ott, together with another large BVT spy, collected information for Marsalek and Russia, focusing on their future activities in the planting of the Secretary of the Constitution and the Police Atache in Italy. According to the German magazine Spiegel, the information was shared by journalists living in Europe and Kazakh opposition politicians.

On Friday, 29 February, the newspaper Der Standard also reported that the Russian intelligence services had apparently received mirror images instead of smartphones from three (too many) high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is indicated that the transfer was canceled in 2022. Information about the transfer – most likely, to the internal intelligence of the FSB – was found in Great Britain much more than that. There, Marsalek is under investigation, and the chats were subjected to punishment.

The stolen smartphones are to be attributed to Michael Kloibmüller, who has been the leader of the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs for many years, the official director of the Federal about the police to Michael Takac and the director of the Federal Office for Immigration and Supply Gernot Mayer. For information from those close to them, people have already been informed a few days ago about the fact that “their mobile phones” are in possession of the authorized Russian special services.

Three mobile phones became victims of an unfortunate accident in 2017: during the rafting of the MVS, a canoe spilled over, and the smartphones fell into the water. IT specialists from the Office of Constitutional Protection were asked to repair the devices. Obviously, he made copies of the devices and passed them on to others. The chats from Kloibmüller’s smartphone were also transferred to the prosecutor’s office and ZMI. The prosecutor's office began investigating Kloibmüller and former Minister of Internal Affairs Wolfgang Sobotka on suspicion of corruption, although the case against the rest has already been closed.

At the beginning of 2017, foreign partner services were already ahead of the BVT, which in the beginning of 2021 was replaced by the Directorate of Security and Intelligence (DSN), about those who keep confidential information of the agency, as a foreign provider food was given to the government security services for the purpose of investigation and avoiding threats, wasted to unofficial bodies, and the Russian special services themselves. Histo Ott was suspected of being a “mole”, some of him apparently having made contact with Russian intelligence as a liaison officer in Turecchyn. It is confirmed that he would have forwarded sensitive information – for example, a highly confidential service memo from the BVT and the FBI – from his work email address to his private account, and then transferred it to his personal account. to the Russian special services or unauthorized persons. Ott's name is respected by the innocent.

Ott's manager at BVT at that time was Martin Weiss, who was based near Dubai and is currently no longer available to national judicial authorities. Undeterred by those who didn't pay attention, they continued to collect confidential information for Weiss and fellow Wirecard board member Marsalek in exchange for payment. According to the investigation, this information was important for Russia.

In the year 2023, Martin Weiss, together with many colleagues from the Constitutional Court, will report to the Land Court for criminal abuse of the service, oskil. ki BVT has never secured a safe haven in Austria for the suspected Syrian general, who stastosovuv torturi, in the framework the so-called operation “White Milk”. However, Weiss shied away from the court's scrutiny, pretending to be ill and unwell to stand before the court. It was closed on the right, so as to eliminate the delays in the court process, and the judicial review continued over the judgment of the accused, who, in judgment, were vindicated by the remaining decisions of the court.

However, Weiss never went to trial. The State Prosecutor's Office for Economy and Corruption (WKStA) ordered medical experts to check the state of his health to determine if he was transported and brought before the court, but Weiss was never brought before the court.

Spygun scandals in EC < p>For days, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo stated that the Russian Federation bribed members of the European Parliament to expand propaganda. According to his words, during this period, close cooperation between the Belgian and Czech intelligence services was established in order to defeat the Russian propaganda line.

28 February, the Polish intelligence services conducted a low level of investigations at the information center. the truthfulness of the Russian spyguns’ idea that they discredited Ukraine. Also, through the spygun scandal, Poland called the commander of the European Corps, who trained the ZSU soldiers.

Then the Prosecutor General's Office of Germany called the soldier to the Bundeswehr from the Russian Federation.

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