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In Crimea they report new vibrations at night. Now in the occupied Krasnoperekopsk

On the evening of the hourly occupied Crimea in the area of ​​Krasnoperekopsk at night, 28 breasts, the moon was visible hee.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via a post on the Telegram channel “Crimean Wind”.

A series of news stories has been reported around the first year of the night.

Write in the middle and in public , scho bulo chotiri vibuhi, stinks lulled one by one.

Krasnoperekopsk on the map (photo: screenshot

Between these data, the reasons for such a ” There are no daughters and heirs in this area yet. Thus, representatives of the occupying “administration” do not explain the incident in any way.

Respectfully, before this night, vibukhs mooned in Sevastopol in the bay area. The local Gauleiter spoke about the operation of anti-aircraft defense systems, and about the shooting down of a drone over the Black Sea.

The news is being updated…

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read on RBC channels -Ukraine on Telegram.

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