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In Ecuador, people escaped to the studio of a TV channel: the presenters were taken into custody

In Ecuador, masked people stormed the studio of the local TV channel TC Television near the town of Guyak il. The presenters were taken into custody by direct broadcasters.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via Sky News and Primicias.

In direct ether, the evildoers ordered the leaders to lie for the forgery. The residents of Zlochyn shouted that bombs were being made. There was also a slight shooting in the background.

The last President of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, signed a decree that transfers the stupefaction in the region to an internal armed conflict.

It’s good to know By decree, low-level groups in Ecuador are considered terrorist. The armed forces have been ordered to neutralize such groupings.

What was reported

The incident at the studio of the TV channel began the day after Noboa voiced the superintendent’s camp. The reason for the Tsoogo Bul Vtecha Zyazznitsi of the same Vatajkiv drug lord of Country Adolfo Masias.

Bundy Los Choneros, having 34-rib termin at v'yazznitzі la regional for the traders of drugs. p>It was the same day that they were about to be transferred to the harsh regime in the city of Guayaquil.

It seems that the 10th sickle in Ecuador killed the candidate of the President of the region, Fernando Villavicencio.

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