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In Kharkov, February 11 will be declared a day of mourning for those killed by Russian shelling

15 residential buildings burned down, in which seven people died, including three children. In addition, 2 women and 1 person were injured.

In Kharkov, February 11 will be declared a day of mourning for those killed by Russian shelling

At night, the Russian Federation struck unmanned aerial vehicles in Kharkov reported that in the city Sunday, February 11, will be declared a day of mourning for the people killed during the Russian shelling, Ukrinform reports.

“At night there was shelling of the city of Kharkov, and as a result of this shelling, private houses caught fire. A total of 15 residential buildings burned down. Unfortunately, seven people died, three of them children. And tomorrow there will be a day of mourning in Kharkov. We will announce this.” , said Terekhov.

The mayor also said that, in addition to the seven dead, two women and one man were wounded in Kharkov.

“The man is now in the hospital, he has 50% body burns. Doctors are doing everything possible to save his life,” Terekhov added.

The mayor thanked the Kharkov residents who came to the operational humanitarian headquarters and brought help for the victims during the night shelling.

Terehov reported that 57 city residents who suffered from enemy shelling asked for help . He assured that all victims would be provided with a place to live – they would be housed in dormitories and places from the reserve housing stock.

“In addition, we held negotiations with international funds about the possibility of providing portable houses. They can be installed on the plots, and people there will also be able to live in more or less normal conditions on their territory,” Terekhov said.

According According to him, so far there is no threat of re-ignition of residential buildings from the attacked private oil depot, because practically nothing remains of it.

He added that this private oil depot had nothing to do with supplying fuel to the Ukrainian military . And he noted that citizens would not experience any interruptions in fuel supply due to a night attack by Russian troops on Kharkov.

  • On the evening of February 9, Russia launched drone strikes on Kharkov. The hit was recorded in the Nemyshlyansky district of the city. As a result of the attack, seven civilians were killed and 57 people were injured.
  • President Vladimir Zelensky expressed condolences to the families of the victims. “Children who have not yet had time to see life and were killed because of Russian madness,” the president said. He promised help to the families of the victims.
  • Later it became known that as a result of the Russian attack in Kharkov, a prosecutor was killed, her husband and three sons The family died inside their own home.


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