• 24/07/2024 23:15

In Kharkov, they found a stretcher at the water pipe: the police showed a video of the accident

In Kharkov, the stretcher was damaged, as they found out at the drain on the surrounding road.

< p>RBC-Ukraine informs about this from the request of the head of the surveillance department of the police of the Kharkov region, Sergey Bolvinov.

“Gifts” from Russians – at the Kiltseva in Kharkov they found a stretch . The enemy deprived Vibukhov's pasture from the drainage system. “They were built on the basis of the F-1 hand grenade,” Bolvinov explained.

In his words, law enforcement regularly encounters such “surprises.”

Guess what , last year we wrote that in Bucha the civilians had discovered the Russian touch in themselves in the garage.Today, having returned home for the first time since the beginning of the introduction of military rule in the region.

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