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In Kharkov, we will re-enter schedules for daily light switch-offs

| this informs RBC-Ukraine of a message to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

The Department of 31 Bereznia updated information on the situation in the energy system of the country today and indicated that Kharkiv And the energy sources will return to the daily schedules to be switched on at the location.

What is the reason

The Ministry of Energy explained that such a short period of time is due to the unreliability of the electricity transmission system after large-scale Russian shelling.

Another factor is also the lack of local generation in the past replacement of power plants and growth of production.

“The schedules will continue until the situation is completely stabilized and will also be kept in line with the level of resurfacing and the possibility of further attacks,” the ministry reported.

Light outage near Kharkiv and through shelling

I guess, a legacy of recent Russian massive combined air strikes on Kharkov and the region, concentrated on energy facilities, for a few days now the whole place was left without light. The electricity supply began to reverse at a number of stages. Just before the light appeared at critical infrastructure facilities.

It is possible that since the 25th pandemic, the Kharkiv region has introduced a schedule for annual power outages. In addition, as planned, there will be 31 surges for Kharkov and eight communities in the region.

As previously stated by the head of NEC Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytsky, it is clear that the renewal of electricity supply in Kharkov will take up to two years.

Additionally, on the 29th quarter of the Kharkiv regional military administration they informed that in the period from the 1st to the 7th quarter of the Kharkiv it was planned to introduce a new electricity connection schedule. .

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