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In Kyiv, a driver was detained who committed three accidents and hid from patrol officers

The woman showed signs of alcohol intoxication and was in the car with a child. The result is 8 administrative materials and 4 wrecked cars. uploads/2024/01/08dd935ebd25a9cacbc10a2caa1c6006.png” alt=”A driver was detained in Kiev who committed three accidents and ran away from patrol officers ” />

The other day a driver was detained in Kiev.

This was reported by the first deputy head of the Patrol Police Department, Alexei Beloshitsky.

The driver in the video, having committed one accident, drove away from the scene. Ignoring the police’s demands to stop, she drove into another car along the road, and then into two more.

Next – detention and registration of administrative materials.

A 29-year-old woman was driving the car, and in the passenger compartment, in the front seat, was her young son, who miraculously was not injured. This was confirmed by doctors , to whom the child was handed over. The father and juvenile prevention workers were called to the scene. There were no injuries in the accident.

The police note that the driver had obvious signs of intoxication, but categorically refused to undergo examination.

She was removed from management and the following were drawn up:

  • three protocols under Art. 124 (Violation of traffic rules resulting in an accident), two protocols under Art. 122–4 (Leaving the scene of an accident),
  • protocol under Part 1 of Art. 130 (Driving a vehicle while intoxicated),
  • protocol under Part 1 of Art. 122–2 (Failure to comply with the requirement to stop),
  • made a decision under Part 2 of Art. 122 (Traffic violation) KUoAP.

Result – 8 administrative materials and 4 wrecked cars.

Remember, on Saturday, January 27, under A car and a truck collided in Krivoy Rog. Four people were injured, including children.


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