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In Kyiv, a funeral service employee threw 20 urns containing ashes into a vacant lot.

They had to be disposed of.

In Kiev, an employee of a funeral service threw 20 urns with ashes into a vacant lot

Capital law enforcement announced suspicion of a 26-year-old private employee in a vacant lot.

< p>This was reported by the Kiev City Prosecutor's Office.

“Under the procedural leadership of the Podolsk District Prosecutor's Office of the city of Kiev, a 26-year-old employee of a private funeral service was reported to be suspected of desecrating an urn with the ashes of the deceased, committed repeatedly (part. 1, 3, Art. 297 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine),” the message says.

In March, urns with ashes were found in a vacant lot on Syretskaya Street. It was established that the relatives of the deceased contacted one of the private funeral services in Kyiv to organize cremation and other funeral services. After cremation, the ashes of the deceased were placed in a crematorium urn, and then they were poured into the customer's urn.

The urns provided by the relatives of the deceased were smaller than the crematorium urns, that is, all the ashes did not fit in them. The funeral service had to dispose of the urns with the remains of the ashes. Her employee simply threw them out in a vacant lot.

Thus, 36 urns with surnames were found on the street, 20 of which contained ashes.

  • Earlier, the DBR exposed two law enforcement officers who sold information to a funeral agency about recently deceased citizens from a closed state database.


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