• 21/07/2024 02:49

In Kyiv, part of the wall of a kindergarten sank. Probably due to violation of standards during the construction of the shelter

Law enforcement officers opened production.

In Kiev, part of the wall of a kindergarten has sagged. Probably due to violation of standards during the construction of a shelter

Kiev city military administration notify preschool educational institutions of Shevchenko an accident occurred in the area.

According to preliminary information, part of the wall of the kindergarten building sank. The establishment is currently being inspected by specialists to objectively establish the real extent of the damage and subsequently plan the time frame for restoration.

According to preliminary data, a shelter was being built in this kindergarten; probably, the contractor violated construction standards, which could have led to such consequences. But investigators from the district police department will finally determine the reasons that led to the accident; appropriate proceedings have already been opened.

  • Last week, an accident occurred during an air raid in the shelter of one of the schools in Kyiv. The heating radiator valve broke, causing a segment of the suspended ceiling to collapse.
  • Head of the Ministry of Strategic Industry Alexander Kamyshin instructed the head of the KMVA Sergei Popka to conduct an official check and inspection of the condition of utility networks in all shelters in Kyiv.


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