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In occupied Donetsk they announce the “arrival”, there is a club above the place (photo)

The currently occupied Donetsk city has been informed about the “arrival”. A thick stack of smoke can be seen above the place.

RBC-Ukraine reports this on its Telegram channel.

The footage is being expanded after the bulge. First of all, let’s talk about the “arrival”, from the place you can see the Dima club.

There is no detailed information about the reasons for the inheritance of the “baby” in Donetsk.

Photo: in occupied Donetsk they tell about the “arrival” (

“Arrivals” in Donetsk

On the night of 1st day, in the hourly occupied Donetsk, the residents of the city felt a shiver. “Vlada” announced about 4 shelling from the side of Ukraine.

The so-called “head of the DPR” Denis Pushilin stated about 4 dead and 13 wounded as a result of the shelling. Later, according to the information of the local “military corrobors”, it became known about the death of one journalist.

Russian ZMI reports that the Ukrainian army fired 15 missiles from the RSZV at the site .

It also became clear that As a result of the shelling, the Donbas Palace Hotel was damaged.

Previously, we were informed that in one of the universities of Donetsk, which was immediately occupied, a fire broke out. Russian troops could have been based there.

I guess, on the 15th, at the border there was information about a strong fire in the then-occupied Donetsk. It became clear later that “swells” were recorded near the Budonnivsky district of the city. As a result, the oil depot burned down.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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