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In one of the regions of Ukraine, they can switch to light switching schedules

Through the Russian shelling, power lines in the Khmelnitsky region are operating in emergency mode . To the same way, the buti is stacked Merezhevi, the

about the cereal of RBK -Ukrainian, the Paces on the AT “Khmelnitzkoblenergo”.

“Enershyuyuta Suttasva of the Zrostannnya of the Elektromezhi”, – I will be in the statement.

Energy engineers have added that if the situation continues in this manner and the residents do not change the supply of electrical energy, boundary exchanges will be introduced.

Photo : Schedule (hoe.com.ua)

Khmelnytskoblenergo also published a schedule for switching off the light.

The light situation in Ukraine after large-scale Russian shelling

After the large-scale shelling of Ukraine on 22 Bereznya, at the hour of the war, mainly at energy facilities, the 750 kV line “Dniprovska” was destroyed, in order to live the ZAES. The station was in blackout for a few years before it was renewed, being lost on one line of life.

The next day, 23rd February, Zaporizka AES again stopped at the edge of the blackout, suddenly for good. The occupiers damaged the line of the housing station, but everything was restored. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking about the situation in the energy system of the country, learned that the important situation was lost to Kharkov.

It is significant that in the evening of 24 February the Russian occupiers attacked for the fourth time Ukraine with missiles and kamikaze drones. The PPO forces destroyed 18 missiles and 25 drones.

It became clear that Crooked Rose was introducing emergency power outage schedules. In addition, in the Kharkov region, from 25 until the end of the month, it is forbidden to enter schedules for daily light switch-offs.

According to the words of the general director of the YASNO company, Serhiy Kovalenko, through the Russian attacks, DTEK spent 5 0% electricity generation.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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