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In Romania, an unknown drone was spotted over an air base, and they were shot down by an additional REB

A dozen unknown drones were spotted on the nights from 15 to 16 YSK servicemen of the 57th airbase named after Mikhail Kohelnichana in Rumunia.

RBC-Ukraine reported this in a message to Radio Liberty.

General Kostyantin Spun stated that the drones were “blocked” by electronic means, the stink fragments risked perishing members of the military base.

Security officers of the 57th airbase named after Mikhail Kohelnichan promptly reported the presence of drones in the area of ​​the international airport “Mikhail Kohelnichan” .

The drones, which were monitored by electronic, optical and visual capabilities, were small in size, larger than anything else, of the commercial type and flew at low speeds and at low altitudes.

“In accordance with the regulations, all steps were taken to ensure safety in the windy area, the situation that had developed was promptly informed to the civil authorities. The last and visual contact with the two remaining systems was spent approximately 00.30″, – stated in the press service. service of the UPS of Romania.

The command of the 57th air base to Mikhail Kogelnichanu informed the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office about the prohibition of approaches that are passed by law in such situations. Also in the military unit, a commission was appointed to investigate the matter with the chief of staff of the 57th air base.

It became clear earlier that work had begun on the expansion of the 57th military complex air base of the UPS of Romania “Mihailo Kogelniceanu”. The largest NATO military base in Europe may appear until 2040.

It was also reported that the military base in Romania has developed the most rich national activities, organized by by the unified military-naval forces under the name Sea Shield (“Sea Shield”) . They take the part of over 2,200 military personnel and 135 ships, aircraft and transport vehicles from 12 Ukrainian allies and partners.

Terms and important information about the war against Russia read the region on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.< /p>

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