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In Sumy, the number of victims has increased due to the Russian strike on the rich surface of the 13th Bereznya

In Sumy, there are a lot of rubble on the surface, which was hit by the Russian occupiers 13 birch, body removed just one more people. Apparently, the number of victims has increased again.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via a post on suspilne.media, Sumy MBA.

“In Sumy, there are heel piles, which resulted in increased ійский UAV 13 Bereznya, the body of one more person was found,” writes suspilne.media.

In addition, as reported by the Sumy MBA, they know about 14 victims.

“At the hospital hospital 4 Sumy residents will be deprived, among them one child, two have an important stable condition, another two have a moderate severity,” the administration stated.

Shelling of a large number of surfaces near Sumy, Krivoy Rozi and Myrnograd

The Martyrs of 12 Birches Nya ta v On the night of the 13th, Russian troops attacked Ukraine again. The impact knocked down the life-booths near Krivoy Rozi, Dnipropetrovsk region and Sumy. In the first episode, we already know about 5 dead and more than 40 injured.

Near Sumy, 10 people were killed due to the rubble, 8 people were injured, and there were also casualties. In Sumy there was a voice of mourning for those who died as a result of the attack of the Russians on the 13th of Birth. At the scene of the tragedy, they are still sorting out the rubble.

In addition, on the 12th of February, the Russian occupiers dropped an air bomb on a large surface near Mirnograd, Donetsk region. Two people died and 5 more were injured.

Read the terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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