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In the Kharkov region, a Russian agent tried to carry out sabotage on the railway, – SBU

He also collected information about the locations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces units.

In the Kharkov region, a Russian agent tried to carry out sabotage on the railway, - SBU

Counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukrzaliznytsia in the Kharkov region, the SBU reports .

As a result of a special operation, an enemy saboteur was detained who was trying to blow up power lines of railway tracks and rolling stock near a junction station.

The attacker turned out to be a local resident who worked for the Russian GRU.

According to available data, to commit series of explosions, he planned to use an improvised explosive device. The defendant received instructions for its production at home remotely from Russian military intelligence.

In the event of sabotage, the occupiers hoped to disrupt the logistics of fuel and ammunition supplies for the Defense Forces in the Liman direction.

However, the aggressor failed. The security service exposed the enemy henchman in advance, established the identities of his Russian “curators” and their criminal intentions.

Next, SBU officers step-by-step documented the reconnaissance and subversive activities of the saboteur and detained him at the stage of preparing the explosions.

he collected information about the locations of Ukrainian Armed Forces units in Kharkov and Pavlograd in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

To do this, the attacker traveled around the area of ​​both regions in the dark and secretly recorded the locations of Ukrainian troops. According to the investigation, the defendant remotely coordinated his actions with an acquaintance – a representative of the intelligence apparatus of the Russian GRU, who is located in the Russian Federation. Anonymous chats in instant messengers were used for communication.

During a search in the detainee’s premises, a mobile phone and other material evidence of criminal activity were found.

Now Security Service investigators have informed him of suspicion under Part 2 of Art. . 114-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (unauthorized dissemination of information about the movement or deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, committed under martial law).

He faces imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the traitor received 12 years in prison, who “leaked” the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Avdeevka to the Russians. Based on his guidance, the Russians planned to carry out a missile and drone attack.


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