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In the Khmelnitsky region, explosives experts neutralized the warhead of the Russian Iskander M missile

Police workers neutralized the explosives right at the crash site.

In the Khmelnytsky region, industrial equipment destroyed the warhead of the Iskander M missile

Explosive technicians of the Khmelnitsky region police neutralized almost half a ton of explosives from the Russian Iskander M missile, which did not detonate after being shot down.

This was reported by the press service of the National Police.

Air defense forces shot down a Russian missile in Shepetovsky district during another shelling of the occupiers. The warhead of the rocket did not detonate and fell near one of the villages of the Polonsk Territory. This posed a significant danger to local residents.

Police officers defused the explosives right at the crash site.

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Just since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, explosives specialists Police services of the Khmelnytsky region have already made more than 250 trips to neutralize the remains of missiles and drones.

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