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In the Kiev region, military personnel who appropriated food for the army worth 5 million hryvnia will be tried

The state suffered damage amounting to UAH 5.4 million, and almost 1 thousand military personnel did not receive quality food.

Employees of the State Bureau of Investigation completed a pre-trial investigation into an organized group among military personnel of one of the units in the Kyiv region and representatives of a food supply company.

The press service of the DBI reports this.

It was established that the group members, during June-November 2023, hid and did not provide food to the soldiers’ rations that were supplied to the unit.

The food “saved” in this way was again accounted for in the accounting records of the military unit on the basis of forged documents. The proceeds were distributed among the group members. Thus the state suffered damage amounting to UAH 5.4 million, and almost 1 thousand military personnel did not regularly receive quality food during the war.

Case worth 170 million: new details of food thefts at the Ministry of Defense have become known

After exposing the criminal scheme, conducting searches and arresting the defendants, the military unit re-checked the condition and food conditions. The military noted a significant improvement in the quality of food: they began to be given a full ration of food, in accordance with established standards and norms.

To ensure compensation for the damage caused to the state, the property and money of the defendants were seized. They were informed of suspicions of taking possession of other people's property, drawing up false documents, appropriating military property by prior conspiracy by a group of persons, under martial law and on an especially large scale (part 3 of article 27, part 3 of article 28, part 5 of article .191, part 3 of article 358, part 4 of article 410 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The sanction of the articles provides for up to 15 years of imprisonment. “In the Kiev region, they will judge the military who appropriated food for the army for 5 years. million hryvnia” Earlier it was also reported that in the Donetsk region two military men appropriated more than 3 tons of food products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine


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