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In the Kirovograd region, a Russian agent was detained, who set up an “observation point” for the trains of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in his own garage

The occupiers promised their henchman “evacuation” to Russian territory.

In the Kirovograd region, a Russian agent was detained, who set up In the Kirovograd region, the Security Service exposed an informant of the Russian special services, who collected information about the number of personnel and military equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces units that are moving by rail in the direction of the eastern front.

This was reported by the SBU press center.

Most of all the enemy was interested in information on the transfer of heavy weapons to the Ukrainian front line – tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and artillery systems.

To monitor the trains of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the defendant set up an “observation post” in his own garage, located near the railway station. In addition, he walked around the area and secretly recorded the locations of Ukrainian troops under the guise of an ordinary citizen walking. To disguise criminal actions, the attacker constantly changed the routes of his reconnaissance forays, and sent the information received to the aggressor from different geolocations. However, this did not help him. SBU officers exposed the attacker and detained him in his own home,” the report says.

According to the investigation, the enemy informant turned out to be a local resident who had lived in Russia for almost 20 years. Before the start of a full-scale invasion, he came to Ukraine to sell your property here.

In the Kirovograd region, a Russian agent was detained, who in his own garage set up an “observation point

In May 2023, when the man was still in the Kirovograd region, a representative of the Russian special services contacted him and offered cooperation. The occupants promised their henchman “evacuation” to the territory of the Russian Federation.

To communicate with each other, they used an anonymous chat in a popular messenger.

During searches in the defendant’s apartment, mobile phones and computer equipment with red-handed, as well as documents confirming the facts of his residence and business activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The detainee was informed of suspicion under Part 3 of Art. 114-2 of the Criminal Code (unauthorized dissemination of information about the direction, movement of weapons, weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, movement, movement or deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine).

He is currently in custody. The attacker faces up to 12 years in prison.

Previously it was also reported that a resident of Kropyvnytskyi informed the enemy through social networks about the locations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the region.


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