• 12/07/2024 19:17

In the Odessa region, a piece of enemy drone damaged a transformer at a critical infrastructure facility

In the region, air defense forces shot down 9 Russian drones.

In the Odessa region, a fragment of an enemy drone damaged a transformer at a critical infrastructure facility

2 Odessa region In the Odessa region, air defense forces destroyed 9 enemy drones. Drone debris damaged a transformer at one of the critical infrastructure facilities.

This was reported by the head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Oleg Kiper.

“At night, the enemy attacked the Odessa region with attack drones. Within 1.5 hours, air defense units repelled this attack. 9 drones were shot down in Odessa region. During maneuvers over the industrial zone of Odessa, debris from a downed drone damaged a transformer of one of the critical infrastructure facilities,” Kiper said.

He noted that as a result, a short circuit and a fire occurred, but the State Emergency Service employees quickly extinguished the fire . No people were injured.

  • That night, the Russian army attacked Ukraine with S300 missiles and Shahed-type attack drones. The enemy launched anti-aircraft guided missiles from the occupied Donetsk region, and UAVs from Russian territory, from the Primorsko-Akhtarsk region.
  • The defenders shot down all ten drones. All over the Nikolaev and Odessa regions.
  • Russia also shelled the Zaporozhye region. There, a woman died from enemy shelling and a man was injured.
  • The Russian army shelled the Kherson region with different types of weapons for 24 hours. The occupiers hit a cargo ship, houses, businesses, and cars were damaged. As a result of Russian aggression, a person died.


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