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In the villages of the Belgorod region, ruins were recorded due to fighting with volunteers (photo)

Under the hour of fighting in the Belgorod region between Russian volunteer fighters and The armed forces of the Russian Federation recorded serious damage residential budins.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from messages sent to Telegram by the governor of the Belgorod region, Sergey Gladkov.

The governor announced that he had taken over the Grayvoronsky municipal district. According to his words, very serious ruins have been recorded near the village of Kozinka.

Photo: Real Gladkov (https://t.me/vvgladkov)

In addition, Gladkov informed that under shelling destroyed the village of Gruzke, Borisivskyi district.

“The windows of two apartments of one small apartment complex were broken by shells, a parking lot in one private building was also damaged, and 3 cars were damaged. There are no casualties. Emergency services are working on site. A day-by-day tour of the territory will be extended at the brightest hour,” he wrote.

Raid of volunteers from Ukraine to the Russian Federation

On the 12th of February, it became known that volunteers had broken through the Russian Federation cordon to the Legion “Freedom of Russia”, RDK, “Siberian Battalion”. Volunteer battalions entered the territory of Ukraine into the Kursk and Belgorod regions.

Later it became known that the volunteers took control of the village of Tyotkine, Kursk region of the Russian Federation.

Zranka 14 years old residents Belgorod skarzhilis on the tide. Russian ZMI announced that they had broken the DRG near the Belgorod region.

The area of ​​the settlements of Spodaryushina and Kozinki in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation suffered from the stagnation of armored vehicles and RSZV.

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