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In the White Church, a man was never beaten just before the summons was handed over. The police reported about the fake

Law enforcement officials received information about the fatal beating of a man just before the summons was served on White Church.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through dispatches to the Bilotserkivska district police department.

Information is expanding about those who are on the 27th birthday in the Bilotserkovskaya Church, representatives of the TCC have not beaten the clap whoever got drunk in the doctor's shop and died the next day.

“It appears that the police received no such notification. Representatives of the TCC also confirm that the situation indicated in the hour of clearing out the bags did not leave the place,” the law enforcement agency reported. nci.

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Police called on residents to check and expand information beyond the official ініх jerel.

A bill on mobilization

The Cabinet of Ministers on the evening of January 25 submitted to the Supreme Court a bill on mobilization, military personnel and military service.

More details about the bill and proposals for mobilization – from RBC- Ukraine.

In which case, the Ombudsman for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets stated that the bill has norms that are in conformity with the Constitution. Language about obezhenya for hilyants. Zokrema, ce zabora na operation s nerukhomistyu.

According to information from RBC-Ukraine, the bill can still be changed or further examined.

Terms and important information about the war Russia versus Ukraine read on the channel RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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