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Instead of Bulgakov – Kikabidze: in Kyiv the names of 10 objects were changed

In total, the names of objects in seven districts of the capital were changed.

In Kiev, as part of de-Russification and decommunization, 10 more city objects were renamed.

As stated on the Official Portal of Kyiv, such decisions were made today, February 8, at a plenary meeting of the Kyiv City Council by a majority of deputies.

“The capital of Ukraine continues to get rid of names that influenced the distortion of our national consciousness. The process of decommunization and de-Russification is quite lengthy, since it includes several stages, but through joint efforts, together with the residents of the capital, the city is actively moving in this direction. In centuries-old Kiev, there should be no names left, which are associated with the aggressor country, its Soviet and imperial past,” said Vladimir Bondarenko, deputy city chairman-secretary of the Kiev City Council.

In particular, objects in seven districts of the capital were renamed.

< b>In the Solomensky district Vozdukhoflotsky Avenue became Air Force Avenue, Belgorodskaya Street – Vasily Ovseenko Street.In the Desnyansky District Nikolai Mateyuk Street was renamed to Vasily Ivanis Street.In the Svyatoshinsky District b>Bulgakov Street changed its name to Vakhtanga Kikabidze Street, and the library named after A. Blok became the library named after Gnat Yura.In the Podolsk district Yablochkov Lane was named Kompaniysky. The nameless park on Borichev Tik Street, 17, 19, 21 was named after Golda Meir.In the Darnitsky district the name of Chernigovskaya Street changed. It became the Chibineev Brothers Street.In the Pechersky district Pavel Skoropadsky Street became Bessarabsky Proezd.In the Shevchenkovsky district an unnamed park on Zhilyanskaya Street was named after Lydia Goncharenko.

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  • In March last year, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Geographical Names” to decolonize toponymy and streamline the use of geographical names in populated areas of Ukraine.
  • Changes to the provided ban on assigning names to geographical objects that glorify, perpetuate, promote or symbolize the occupying state.

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