• 19/07/2024 20:18

Iran will conduct military-naval negotiations with Russia and China

Iran, China and Russia 12 bereznya spіlny vіysk-marine navchanya “More such a safety belt – 2024”. They will begin to take place in the lower part of the Indian Ocean.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through communications to the Irna agency.

They will have interests in the Navy of Iran, China and Russia. Also present at the meeting will be representatives of the armed forces of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Pakistan and PAR.

From the information, the aim is to improve security in the region, including the protection of international maritime trade, expansion of rich cross-border trade between countries that take part in maneuvers, the fight against piracy and terrorism, the exchange of operational and tactical information, as well as the demonstration of the country's heritage will strongly support peace in this world.

All the evil

Berezn and 2023 the end of military-naval forces to Iran , China and Russia conducted a military initiative “Maritime Security Belt 2023” near the coastal part of the Indian Ocean. These were the fourth quarter of history between them and the remaining fates.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Moscow withdrew support from Iran and China, which would continue to trade with it, and Tehran was struck down.

< p>For tribute Informed by the Razumkov Center, in the beginning of 2024 it is important for Ukrainians to be negatively posed to six countries of the world. The top Ukrainians are ranked ahead of Russia (-92.6%) and its allies – Belarus (-79.5%), Iran (-72.3%) and China (-54.2%).

Read more about the news of the countries in the RBC-Ukraine article “All the evil is under sanctions. How the DPRK and Iran became on the military rails and how it is possible to create the Russian Federation.”

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