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Israel and Hamas are close to starting fire in the Gaza Strip, – CIA director

CIA Director William Burns appreciates that Israel and Hamas are close to starting the fire.

RBC-Ukraine reported this to CBS News.

Member of the US House of Representatives Mike Turner stated that it is very important that help reach Gazi. He also stated that the CIA director believes that the fire was caused to those close to him.

“Less informatively, CIA Director Burns said on Friday. He himself was in talks about the fire being caused. And he believes that his loved ones “And I think that it’s even more important to earn money, because there are bonds that are still being lost.” “In consequence of Hamas' attack on the 7th of June, and also through the urgent need for help to get to Gazi,” Turner said.

Mike Turner also stated that Hamas does not care about the Palestinians.

< p>“It's a pity that the Palestinians are in the hands of Hamas. The stench of sitting by the bunkers, fearfully not reacting to the conflict that they themselves began at a time when their people are starving, clearly shows that Hamas truly cares more about Iran than about the Palestinians,” Turner said.

War between Israel and Hamas

Hamas militants attacked Israel from the Gaza Strip on June 7, 2023.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched a ground military operation in the Gaza Strip, for example Life will continue until now. Prem' Prime Minister of the Territory Benjamin Netanyahu stated that this operation will result in the reduction of Hamas and the release of guarantors.

8 fierce Netanyahu stated that the army's victory for Israel is already close. and also informed about the IDF’s readiness to issue a ground invasion to the site Rafah is near the border with Egypt on the day of the Gaza Strip.

Previously we wrote that, according to the words of the US President's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, the states are susceptible to fire.

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