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Israel is planning a military operation to take control of the border between Gaza and Egypt, – ZMI

Israeli authorities informed Egypt that they plan to resume the military operation і establishment of control over the cordon between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in a message to The Times of Israel.

A message in a message to Dzherel informs that at the hour of the operation, Israel will take control of the border point “Rafah” “And place the military along the so-called Philadelphia Corridor, which separates Egypt and Gaza, and the Israeli military presence in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli leaders have not yet given approval for the operation, and the terms of the operation lie with changes in The Egyptian order, which is working on the establishment of a new agreement about the guarantors between Israel and Hamas.

Israeli officials were trying to develop the fear of the Egyptians, so the operation could be a prize lead to the outbreak of war in Egypt and how it can disrupt the settlement of military deployments this area, transferred to the 1979 peace treaty between the countries.

It is now agreed that Egypt has supported Israel’s proposal about the heavy patrolling of the Egyptian side of the cordon by Israeli troops, declaring What we are working on is the installation of barriers and increased caution in this areas.

War between Israel and Hamas

Hamas militants invaded Israel on June 7. Terrorists began to kill and steal both military and civilian people. Nezabar Jerusalem announced the operation “Salty Swords” and shelled the terrorists' place near the Gaza Strip.

24 leaf falls between Israel and Hamas sparked a temporary truce to relieve the prisoners. Both sides were talking about starting the fire for four days, but they decided to continue it for two more days in order for the militants to recruit more guarantors.

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