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It is a shame that the Ukrainian government is being labeled as “Putin’s friends”

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ugric Region Peter Szijjártó lamented that they care about the Ugric region Labels of friends of the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this after sending a statement to the Institute of Political Sciences at Harvard University.

Having stated that there is still no real scope for rational dialogue and strategic policy, and “the situation is deteriorating.”

“As much as we can imagine, the answer is not to discuss it , vivchiti, yak find a solution, and label us as Putin’s friends, Kremlin propagandists and, perhaps, Russian spies,” Szijjarto snarled.

In the opinion of the Ugric minister, as if there was a place for a rational dialogue, there was mutual respect and as if “those who always talk about democracy, had respect for those whose idea still clashes with the thoughts of the majority, then “The ideological debate and stigmatization could have disappeared.”

It is strongly affirmed that the government of Ugorshchina will always be faithful to its strategy and goals, and perhaps, in his words, “the future of the unique political stability that is coming to the country i”.

” The Yak Mi axis can allow those to say those, Sho Robimo, I Robit those, Shop, saying, ”said the head of the Ministry of Health. . We often make statements to discredit Ukraine.

Ugorschina, at the beginning of a full-scale war, did not provide Ukraine with military assistance, and also blocked sanctions of the European Union against Russia. KRIM TO, Budapest to lead Torgivlyu Z RF, and representers of the Ugrosko vidvіyat Moscow.

Takozhok, Ugorshchina, Khokhokhchina, Up to є Tu, and such a vision of 50 billion єvro for nashiya.


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