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Jobs with high salaries in Ukraine. Where to pay the most and for what

The ranking of vacancies with the highest salaries in Ukraine is as good as programs and careers . Highly paid work is especially recommended to media buyers, managers from the sale of non-disabled equipment, qualified workers, car service technicians and drivers.

Overflow of vacancies with high salaries for representatives of the government Their professions are lower on RBC-Ukraine.

When preparing the material, the following sources were used: research on the Work.ua portal, vacancies on robota.ua, analytical information from the State Employment Service.


  • Salaries in Ukraine are growing
  • In which areas are the highest salaries
  • TOP 5 robotic propositions where you pay over 30 thousand. UAH

Salaries in Ukraine are growing

The rate of wages in Ukraine is gradually increasing during the war. Workers paid 3% higher salaries in the year 2024, as a result of the end of rock.

On the portal Work.ua it is noted that over the past month the average salary has increased by 500 UAH and reached 20 thousand . UAH in the region. The Kiev region is losing the leader, where robot sellers are on average willing to pay 22 thousand. UAH

By category, the highest salary is the salary of the guards of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Scouts, grenade launchers, drone pilots, snipers, archers will also need to earn over 70 thousand. UAH.

Among civil professions, a high level of income is traditionally earned by “IT workers” and workers in professional positions in various areas, and there are also a few other categories that earn more than the average.

In some areas, salaries are the highest

As indicated in Work.ua’s report, the highest salaries among the lowest are: media buyer (50 thousand UAH), water-mezhnarodnik (45 thousand UAH), 40 thousand each. UAH were paid for the vacancies of ceramist, straightener, dentist, tonuler.

In the published by the State Employment Service (DSS) the transfer of average salaries for 1 February 2024, including Kerivnyh Posads and representatives of IT-Galuzia , naive The level of income should be shown to:

  • plastic surgeon (40 thousand UAH);
  • installer-warehouse of aluminum structures (36 thousand UAH);
  • incinerator-water (28.5 thousand UAH);
  • electromechanics from hydraulic installations (28.17 thousand UAH);
  • farbuvalnik in textile manufacturing (27 thousand UAH);
  • technologist in printing production (25 thousand UAH).

TOP 5 propositions Roboti, de pay over 30 thousand. UAH


The average salary for a media buyer vacancy is 50 thousand. UAH, but on search sites you can find out that the price of payment is significantly higher – over 150 thousand. UAH

Media buyer is a digital marketer who deals with advertising campaigns on online platforms. In fact, he is buying advertising space to advertise the advertising company with an eye on its target audience.

Screenshot work.ua

The media buyer's salary is due to the fact that he is a beginner. Also, robot sellers must promote the bonus system in order to make a profit.

The candidate must have high analytical skills, good English skills, understand the platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.) on which their tools will be used, and We also prepare until ready to serve.

Specialist in the sale of softness

Sales and rental managers can earn around 40 thousand. UAH For vacancies, ask for a salary that will cover hundreds of profits from your employment.

Realtors and disability specialists need to work with a database of objects, select objects for buyers/landlords, organize reviews and negotiations, provide consultations to buyers .

Agents are ready to conduct specialized training without informing candidates.

Screenshot robota.ua

Car painter and straightener

Specialists in car maintenance and repair can earn from 25 to 50 thousand. UAH The average salary of a straightening specialist, according to Work.ua, is 40 thousand. UAH.

The straightener's duties include repair work, straightening and updating metal parts of car bodies, updating body geometry, adjusting gaps, replacing windshields, and fittings.

For auto painters of all-terrain vehicles, preparation is carried out before prefabrication and both local and external prefabrication of transport means, grinding with special tools.

Screenshot work.ua


The average salary of drivers who are engaged in transportation across Ukraine and beyond the border is 45 thousand. UAH

Most people agree that the collection, transportation and transfer of goods with verification of documentation, regular technical inspection of the transport department to ensure uninterrupted work. Benefits: availability of confirmed water category CE, biometric foreign passport, proof of work for 1 year.

They are also looking for drivers on international bus routes from the latest D-category, long-haul grain carriers for transportation across the territory of Ukraine.

For the lowest vacancies, indicate who is ready to take on a job pensioners, especially with disabilities.

Screenshot work.ua


Based on the data on the level of salaries for vacancies in the DSZ, a mine worker will receive an average salary of 30.8 thousand. UAH

There is also a high level of payment for applications for lower vacancies in the city of Girnichovy Dobovna: support worker – 26.15 thousand. UAH, mining face – 25.32 thousand. UAH.

On the job portals there are vacancies for a miner at the Bilozerska mine with a salary of 50-60 thousand. UAH.

The equipment includes work on the complex of work with the passage of horizontal, vertical and vertical hydraulic drills, drilling of blast holes, sorting of crushed rock, extraction of hydraulic oil on transport units, repair of the fastening of the drills.

Screenshot work.ua p>

At the Pavlogradvugilla shoe manufacturing enterprise, a worker can earn 30-40 thousand. UAH.

The worker will provide medical insurance, provide housing assistance, provide partial compensation for utility services, singe or provide care for vugillas, deliver to the work site, provide special clothing and special equipment.

It is likely that since the beginning of 2024, the number of new vacancies in Ukraine has increased and exceeded the number of 2021. At the same time, there are a lot of resumes for the 2022-2023 years.

For a report about the vacancies the Ukrainian market offers to “newcomers”, read the following material from RBC-Ukraine.

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