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Johnson announced “important innovations” in the aid package for Ukraine, mentioning the loan

The Kiev aid bill will arrive “immediately after” the break, the House Speaker said.

Johnson announced “important innovations” in the aid package for Ukraine> > </p>
<p>Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson said he expects a bill including aid for Ukraine to be introduced as soon as representatives return from vacation.</p>
<p>He said this in an interview with Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy, writes The Hill.</p>
<p>Johnson added that the package will include “some important innovations.”</p>
<p>In his words, he worked on the package “throughout the current period,” communicating with all members of the House.</p>
<p>“We are putting this product together and will launch it immediately after the period of work in the district,” Johnson said.</p>
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<p>“Look, what we need to do in an era of divided government – as it has historically been – we have to build consensus. If we want this to be a party measure, I have to get every member involved, literally. And some things have to be bipartisan,” he added.</p>
<p>The Republican brought up the possibility of providing a loan to Ukraine, an idea that gained some support in early March. This should supposedly alleviate conservative concerns about providing additional aid to Kiev. The Speaker of the House of Representatives also spoke about the REPO Act, a bill that would allow the president to confiscate Russian sovereign assets frozen in the United States and transfer them to Ukraine.</p>
<p>“REPO” Act, you know, if we can use the confiscated assets of the Russian oligarchs to allow the Ukrainians to fight them, that's just pure poetry. Even President Trump talked about the concept of a loan where… we're not just giving foreign aid. We're building relationships where they can return them to us when the time comes,” Johnson noted.</p>
<h3>US aid for Ukraine</h3>
<li>Republicans in the US Congress are considering a potential solution to provide at least part of the aid package to Ukraine in the form of a loan.</li>
<li>The US announced a new aid package for Ukraine after long break and at a time when the corresponding bill is being blocked in Congress.</li>
<li>On February 13, the Senate supported a bill providing for $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, $60 billion of which for Ukraine. The document was supported by 70 senators, 29 were against. In particular, 22 Republican senators voted in favor.</li>
<li>The bill had to be approved by the House of Representatives of the American Congress, where Republicans have a majority. A significant part of them are guided by ex-President Donald Trump, who spoke critically about this bill. However, the day after Senate approval, House Speaker Mike Johnson said that representatives would not accept the document.</li>
<li>Later, Johnson said that the House of Representatives would return to the issue of assistance to Ukraine after resolving the issue of funding the American government. The House of Representatives supported a bill that would provide funding for a quarter of government departments through September.</li>
<li>Meanwhile, the White House released a draft US budget for the 2025 fiscal year, which begins in October. According to the State Department, the document provides for about half a billion dollars in aid for Ukraine.</li>
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