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Johnson promises that a separate bill on aid to Ukraine will be voted on by the end of the week, – Hill

Democrats support the plan, and Republicans threaten resignation.

Johnson promises separate Ukraine aid bill will be voted on by end of week, &minus Mike Johnson 

<p>Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson promises that separate bills on aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan will pass separate votes by the end of the week.</p>
<p>The Hill writes about this.</p>
<p> As previously reported, this Democrats support the plan, but Johnson faces threats from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Congressman Thomas Massie. They are pushing for his removal from office for changing the legislative package.</p>
<p>Green filed a motion for Johnson's resignation in March, and Massey signaled support for this initiative yesterday.</p>
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<p>Many far-right legislators are against providing additional aid specifically to Ukraine. Others are concerned that Johnson is not including U.S.-Mexico border security measures in the package. Despite mounting pressure, Johnson refuses to resign, calling himself the “wartime Speaker of the House.” Now the speaker is trying to collect the votes necessary to approve aid to Kyiv. </p>
<li>Earlier, Mike Johnson, at a closed meeting of the Republican Party, said that he wants to divide the aid package for Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel into separate documents.</li>
<li>In Congress they believe that they will vote for a bill to help Ukraine and Israel this week. </li>
<li>The White House expects that Ukraine and Israel will receive assistance from the United States this week.</li>
<li>On February 13 of this year, the Senate supported a bill providing for $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, $60 billion of which was for Ukraine. The document was supported by 70 senators, 29 were against. In particular, 22 Republican senators voted in favor.</li>
<li>The bill had to be approved by the House of Representatives of the American Congress, where Republicans have a majority. A significant part of them are guided by ex-President Donald Trump, who spoke critically about this bill. However, the day after Senate approval, House Speaker Mike Johnson said that representatives would not accept the document.</li>
<li>Later, Johnson said that the House of Representatives would return to the issue of assistance to Ukraine after resolving the issue of financing the American government. The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would provide funding for a quarter of government departments through September.</li>
<li>A week ago, US President Donald Trump said Republicans would agree to approve additional aid to Ukraine if it comes in the form of a loan.</li>
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