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Kid after being called to the Verkhovna Rada: I, as the head of the SBU, will do everything possible so that every media outlet can work freely in Ukraine

Malyuk’s statement appeared immediately after the Verkhovna Rada voted to summon him to parliament because of the case of illegal surveillance of Bihus.info journalists.

Vasily Malyuk < p>Today, January 6, the Verkhovna Rada supported the decision to summon the head of the SBU Vasily Malyuk to parliament in the case of illegal surveillance of journalists. Immediately after this, the department’s press service released a statement from Malyuk, where he, in particular, promises to do everything possible so that every media outlet can work freely in Ukraine.

“The Security Service of Ukraine today makes an important contribution to the defense of the country. Counterintelligence officers, soldiers of the Central Intelligence Agency “A”, investigators, cyber specialists, operatives, analysts – all SBU employees are united by the goal of bringing our Victory closer,” the statement says.

Malysh notes that SBU soldiers fight in the hottest spots. front: they destroyed more than $1 billion worth of Russian armored vehicles, including more than 500 tanks.

“We are actively working using UAVs. Our targets include air defense systems and military facilities in occupied Crimea. Our unique developments of sea drones Sea baby and Mamai have changed the disposition of forces in the Black Sea. In particular, 8 ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were hit,” said the head of the department.

He also mentions other special operations of the SBU.

“In such circumstances, the actions of individual employees of the Department for the Defense of National Statehood are truly indignant. Unfortunately, the implementation of measures to combat organized drug crime led not only to the receipt of information about the involvement of one of the editorial office operators in the distribution of narcotic substances, but also the public dissemination of video materials. I emphasize that such actions are unacceptable and have already led to a number of personnel decisions,” Malyuk said.

Among other things, he noted that he sent a proposal for the dismissal of the head of the State Security Investigations Directorate of the SBU, and the President of Ukraine signed the corresponding decree on January 31.

“My position is clear – the actions of individual employees cannot negate all the positive results that the SBU had during the war, and cast a shadow on each representative of the Service: both those who fight the enemy within the country, and those brothers from the SBU who give to the battlefield with their lives for the sake of Ukraine. There must be punishment for any illegal actions,” Malysh emphasized.

He noted that he is proud of the fighting brothers of the SBU – those who carry out real combat missions, actually catch collaborators and traitors, actually destroying occupiers and fighting crime.

“This is the true face of an effective and professional Security Service. And I, as the head of the SBU, will do everything possible so that every media outlet can work freely in Ukraine. Today we are not just building an updated SBU, but defending democratic values, including freedom of speech and media independence. For me personally, from now on this is a top priority! – assures the Kid.

He believes that this is precisely how Ukraine differs from authoritarian Russia and will continue to differ in the future.

The day before, the Bihus.Info team stated that it was being monitored by the Security Service of Ukraine, and the operation was organized by the Department for the Protection of National Statehood.


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