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Kiev has two problems with its water pipelines: there is no water

Kiev city has had two water supply accidents in 31 years. Without water, 10 buildings, a school and kindergartens were left without water.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via a post on “Kyivvodokanal” on Facebook.

The water main with a diameter of 250 mm has become damaged on Shamo Boulevard , 7 near the Dniprovsky district of Kiev.

It appears that for repairs it is necessary to create a tear in the sidewalk and green area. As a result of the accident, the road was flooded and the traffic was not blocked.

Due to an emergency, the water supply of 10 residential buildings was turned off:

  • Shamo blvd., 1/5, 3.7;
  • Rusanivsky Boulevard, 4,6,8,8/1,10,12;
  • vul. Entuziastiv, 5/1.

In addition, without water supply, the school on Shamo Boulevard, 5, and kindergartens: on Shamo Boulevard, 9/1 and Entuziastiv Boulevard, 5/1 are deprived.

Two tanks with drinking water for children’s kindergartens were sent to the place of destruction.

Photo: accident on Shamo Boulevard (facebook.com/vodokanal)

Another accident also happened on Oleksia Tikhoy Street, 55/13 Solomyansky district of the capital. There was damage there with a diameter of 500 mm, water flooded the entire part.

To avoid an accident, drivers will be allowed to stand in the green zone.

Photo: poshkodzhennya on Tikhoy Street (facebook.com/vodokanal)

Guess what, earlier near Lvov the center of the place was flooded. The reason for this was a water pipe break.

Previously, we were also informed about a water pipe break near Kiev. As a result of the accident in the center of the capital, a new “fountain” was created, which dissipated a large number of overhead towers.

Also recently, in Kiev, a pipe burst on the left birch. The parking lot there was flooded.

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