• 14/07/2024 11:01

KMVA: about 30 missiles were shot down over Kiev and nearby

The Russians fired missiles at the capital in different directions.

KMVA: about 30 missiles were shot down over Kiev and nearby

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Russia used 1 555/X-55 winged winged aircraft for today’s attack on Kiev strategic bombers Tu-95MS and ballistic missiles. About 30 missiles were shot down over Kiev and in the capital area, said the head of the KMVA Sergei Popko.

The air raid warning in the capital lasted almost three hours. After complex maneuvers in adjacent areas, the missiles approached the capital simultaneously from different directions.

Popko also voiced the preliminary consequences of the strike.

In the Shevchenkovsky district, a multi-storey residential building was damaged and an apartment caught fire, people were evacuated. At another address, cars caught fire, and in some houses windows were damaged by blast waves.

In the Svyatoshinsky district, debris damaged the building of a preschool educational institution, as well as damage to a multi-story residential building, and cars were also on fire.

In In the Podolsk region, debris fell on the territory of a non-residential building and on the roof of a residential building, followed by a fire; a fire was also recorded on the roof of a non-residential two-story building.

“All emergency services are working at the scene of the incident, liquidation of the consequences of the missile strike continues,” – he said.

According to Popka, among the wounded is an 11-year-old girl.

The Chairman of the KMVA added that the preliminary attack on Kyiv took place 44 days ago.


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