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Kolomoisky was left in pre-trial detention until March 2

The bail amount is UAH 2.65 billion.

Igor Kolomoisky

The court left businessman Igor Kolomoisky in pre-trial detention until March 2, reports “” Shevchenkivskyi District Court granted the request of the prosecutor's office and extended the preventive measure for Kolomoisky with the possibility of posting bail in the amount of 2 billion 650 million UAH.

The defense side asked to refuse the application in full. At the hearing, the defendant told the judge that he had many chronic diseases that had worsened in the isolation ward.

“I have a heart problem, which may have existed before, but not in such an acute form. Now it needs additional examination , at least 3 programs that need to be done,” Kolomoisky said.

How the amount of bail for Kolomoisky was changed

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