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Latvia will sell the former “House of Moscow” in Riga and give the money to Ukraine

The search for a buyer for the building and land may take a long time.

“House of Moscow” in Riga, previously owned by the administration of the capital of the Russian Federation. The building and land plot will be transferred to the Ministry of Finance, after which an auction will be organized.

As the Latvian publication LSM writes, funds from the sale of real estate are planned to be transferred to help Ukraine, for which the Seimas will make amendments to the relevant laws. The entire amount will be transferred to our state, with the exception of administrative expenses. The cost of the house is estimated at almost 2.5 million euros, and the land under it is more than half a million.

The report submitted to the government notes that finding a buyer for the former “House of Moscow” may be difficult. It is possible that this year the agreement will not take place.

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