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Latvia will transfer to Ukraine a new batch of confiscated cars from unsafe vehicles

The Latvian government praised the decision to freely transfer 12 cars to Ukraine, which were confiscated from the waters. This car will be transferred to the needs of the military administration of the city of Genichesk, Kherson region, army units of the Ministry of Defense, Kharkiv Valkiva Assistance Center, for the village of Kitaygorod, a municipal non-profit enterprise The Lviv Territorial Medical Partnership Foundation, as well as the Medical Institute of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Rus.LSM.

It appears that in Latvia, if you drive a car in case of severe alcohol intoxication (if the level of alcohol in the blood exceeds 1.5 ppm), the car can be confiscated, or if the driver is not using his own vehicle In addition, you can pay an amount equivalent to the price of the car. The Sejm also praised the amendments to the law on supporting the civilian population of Ukraine, which makes it possible to transfer free of charge transport duties that belong to the state, the authorities of Ukraine to support the Ukrainian marriage.

Latv I have repeatedly transferred confiscated cars to Ukraine, and now the country I wanted to help renovate the Chernihiv region. As part of this, over 5 million euros will be allocated for the assistance program. Part of these funds will go directly to the reconstruction of social infrastructure facilities in the region, and another 2 million will be used to obtain Latvian entrepreneurs from the renovated region.

“The support is the provision of basic services to the population, the elimination of war-related injuries and the socio-economic development of the Chernihiv region. The participation of Latvia in the new Ukraine coincides with a reduction in the quality of life of the population, and This indisputably promotes resilience and gives hope in the future, which is important in the hour of war “, – informs the Ministry of Health.

In 2022, Latvian aid to Ukraine dropped by more than 0.6 billion euros.

Guess what, Finland announced the transfer to Ukraine of a new package of aid for 188 miles oniv Euro. The President of Finland, Alexander Stubb, stated that the great help of the government: both the PPO system and the artillery ammunition of large calibers.

In addition, the President of Estonia stated that Zahid is not guilty of establishing Low water conditions to help Ukraine. He added that he respects the legitimacy of Ukrainian strikes on Russian military targets, which were abandoned in the country.

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