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Let's go to Vidmov's. Why is Macron talking about sending NATO troops to Ukraine but it really doesn’t matter?

At Zakhod they first started talking about the idea of ​​sending the army to Ukraine on the most important level. French President Emmanuel Macron voiced this at an informal summit in Paris, saying that “nothing should be turned off.”

More details about this, the reactions of other leaders and about those whose partners are actively preparing to engage their forces ii, – y materials from RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were consulted: statements by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, President of France Emmanuel Macron, recent leaders, the publication of Reuters and Le Monde, comments by political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko and the military-political survey of the country pi “Information against” Oleksandr Kovalenko

“Strategic ambiguity.” What Macron said about how partners will react

Words about the possible direction of the military appeared in the fields of Paris itself. Recently, Emmanuel Macron discussed with the leaders of over 20 countries the strengthening of support for Ukraine in recognition of the remaining Russian successes on the battlefield. Before the meeting, the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico stated that it was a “public access document” and would again be violated by those who would “give goosebumps.”

“They are respectful of the fact that some of the regional members of NATO and the EU consider the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine on a bilateral basis. I cannot say with what method or what they will do there,” he said.

The federal government did not specify what the deployment of contingents is considering while the war is still troubling, and what assistance is sought from the military commander. Our partners have repeatedly said that military assistance does not include the dispatch of soldiers. In the spring, the British Minister of Defense Grant Shepps announced the deployment of military instructors, after which Prime Minister Richard Sunak had to clarify that this might not be in the near future, but in the future.

At the request of Fico responded the Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala. In other words, the idea itself is far from being considered, and the Czech Republic, for example, does not intend to send its military personnel and “no one can worry about it.” However, judging by Macron’s speech, there are discussions that the emerging Ukrainian forces in theory could be supported by the advancing military forces.

The French leader stated that Russia's defeat in the interests of European security and stability, that Zahid does not want to allow Vladimir Putin to overpower and may prepare for Russian aggression. And having also announced the coalition delivery of bombs and long- and medium-range missiles to Ukraine, as well as without turning off the dispatch of troops, having learned that there is much diversity.

“Today, a consensus was not reached to send the war in an official and praised way. But in the dynamics there is nothing to turn off. We are working on everything so that Russia cannot win this war… It is not our fault to turn off there may be a need for the careless, as certain elements really come into play rosary” – said Macron.

Photo: informal meeting of outgoing leaders at the Elysee Palace (

Reveal in detail how countries are considering the option of sending troops, having said that it is important to better preserve “strategic ambiguity.” However, these words sharply contrast with the position of Ukraine’s other partners, which suggest a potential for escalation. Food supplies are more sensitive in foreign capitals, especially in NATO member countries and the United States. We are trying to prevent any form of collective war with Russia, which could lead to nuclear destruction.

Macron’s idea did not inspire enthusiasm among other leaders, and their actions went to Vidmov. Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte stressed that the topic is not of the order of the day. Polish President Andrzej Duda confirmed the heated discussions in Paris.

“The most heated discussion flared up around the issue of sending soldiers to Ukraine. And there has been absolutely nothing here,” he said after the meeting.< /p>

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also spoke out against it.

“Those, the Bulo vid of Uzgogeno with us, Start, I will be Maybutnoy. And the sama, the uklazkiy land does not wake a soldier, the vice of the cans of the cans of NATO”, – revealing vin.

An official representative of the White House told Reuters that “the United States does not plan to strengthen either its own or NATO troops to Ukraine.” The speaker of the Slovak parliament, Peter Pellegrini, noted that Slovakia has no intention of introducing military forces, and the Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, whose country will eventually join the Alliance, said that “the infection is absolutely irrelevant.” The Ugric Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjártó said that Budapest will lose its position in the face of the post-revolution of the military.

News from Paris are commented on by Volodymyr Putin. His press secretary, Dmitro Peskov, called the discussions about the possible dispatch of incoming troops to Ukraine “an extremely important new element.” Speaking about the risks of the conflict with NATO, he stated that at this time it is possible to talk not about peace, but about the inevitability of direct conflict.

Is Macron preparing for a new role? What is behind this statement

The reaction of recent leaders showed that the idea of ​​sending troops to Ukraine is not discussed in a wider context and belongs solely to Macron. Obviously, there is no talk about why the French want to fight for Ukraine in Europe. It’s important to understand why you started talking about this and why you’re talking about it.

Ukrainian political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko views this as an application for leadership in the EU. Right now, Macron wants to play the role of a visionary, and in this sense he takes precedence over other partners. On the other hand, it is not included that it probes Europe’s readiness to fight, since otherwise the topic of risks and threats from Russia’s side is being discussed. For example, at a Ukrainian lunch within the framework of the Munich safety conference, the head of the Polish MZS Radoslaw Sikorski stated that if today’s attack does not help Ukraine, then tomorrow we will have to fight ourselves.

Photo: Emmanuel Macron may be preparing for the role of European leader (Getty Images)

“But they are not ready to fight. I will say an unacceptable speech: not those in Ukraine, they are not ready to fight for themselves. And as it is said in one great book, “From the beginning there was a word” (extended to the Bible, – ed.). The idea It is necessary to declare right away: Europeans are not ready for this, but the idea has been announced and has become the subject of discussion, and Macron has indicated his ambition for leadership in Europe. Perhaps he is preparing for a special role after the French President leaves office, wow, another term. Before such a role Angela Merkel has died, and Europe now has no leader.

Another point is a signal to Putin about those who are in the midst of escalation, the Europeans are seriously thinking about those who will have to fight with him. The third and, perhaps, the main one is a tactic, a traditional method of political rhetoric.It is believed that if you want to achieve a specific result, you need to state the goal in the most maximum form.

“Before the speech, in such a manner we were steadily tussling with our partners in the valleys and asking for ours. Not immediately, but they took away the importance of armored vehicles, PPO, tanks, etc. I think Macron follows this same model,” Fesenko said.

In my opinion, the formation of separate contingents may take such a short time, as the French leader said earlier. In other words, he stated the maximum idea about those who cannot turn off the sending of military forces to Ukraine, knowing that the partners will not be in good stead. And then it’s time to prepare them to create a smart European army in order to protect against the risks associated with the possible presidency of Donald Trump in the United States. Having recently realized the threat that Washington cannot be protected by its allies, as it “doesn’t have to pay for the money.”

“Let’s be realists. Macron’s statement does not mean that tomorrow the French and representatives of other European countries will fight in Ukraine with Russia. But this is the first crisis for the powerful Ukrainian subject EU. And signals to Putin , what could happen is that Europeans will fight in the battle of Ukraine “This is ahead of time,” added the political scientist.

The Ukrainian-political observer of the “Information Against” group, Oleksandr Kovalenko, says that Macron believes in different feeding of the geopolitical region, expanding the flow at Virmenia it completes a coalition of far-reaching forces for Ukraine.

“Perhaps, it feels like Napoleon is on horseback, but his statement rightly calls for a lot of questions. What kind of troops are in Ukraine? For what, why, with what kind of functionality. Who will stink like peacekeepers? So why do they work? It’s necessary to stand up Other items will be stitched for And now we have to blame the fire, as Ukraine has repeatedly stated that we will not stop until we overcome… As full-time allies, as the hour of another world war approaches, we will take the territory of Ukraine They? I have great doubts. “If we don’t live in the hours of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, we will be forced to give up on weak policies, so as not to accept such harsh decisions,” he said.

And that fact , that France has the third largest army in NATO – with around 210 thousand troops – there is no evidence of readiness to fight in Ukraine.

“For me, this includes pathos. And the third army was unable to enter the African Sahel region (a belt of 12 countries, including Nigeria and Mali, – ed.), where it resisted the Wagner air defense complex. And they will continue to spend their lives there until now “our influx,” adding Kovalenko.

Why NATO is not ready to fight in Ukraine and why they are changing their minds

In Ukraine they reacted strongly to Macron’s words. Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President, Mykhailo Podolyak, speaks of the importance of the very nature of such a discussion.

“This shows absolute awareness of the risks that militaristic, aggressive Russia poses for Europe. Discussions about the possibility of direct support of Ukraine with armed forces will be discussed as necessary to set the rules “new accents, more clearly identify the rhizics,” he said and added that at this stage it is important to speed up supplies of military equipment.

The RBC-Ukraine spy newsmen will not change their minds so that the advancing armies will decide to take part in the war with Russia for the sake of their minds. For example, in the case of NATO, Art. 5 about collective defense. That is, if the Russian army is attacking the countries participating in the alliance.

“Also, Ukraine can become another front, not a technical, political, financial or legal, but also a military front. she “There is no other option for sending NATO troops,” says Oleksandr Kovalenko.

The only possible option is peacekeepers, the Europeans will not accept any other format.

“No one will fight for Ukraine with their people, no matter how much brutality there would be. We remember how the people of 2022 were asked to close the sky, without closing anything. e “, no one could bear responsibility for those who are fighting in the open space, which is not under control. Also, in any case, no one is fighting for another country,” he said.

Volodymyr Fesenko also appreciates that without Russia’s aggression, for example, against the Baltic countries, NATO could be forced to fight in Ukraine.

“It’s obvious that Putin is going to such stupidity, as if he is on yet another front. Insanely, for the rich, Macron’s statements have become a balm for the soul, but let’s be realists. Ukraine’s food request to NATO is not going to be resolved, according to the date posted .We are in front of the USA , It’s not like that, as it turned out, Poland is not ready to fight. They will help us and look for reserves to increase assistance. They need an hour, they began to grow in the war, bring the military forces to a normal state. I think Britain and France have similar situation and not “We are ready to fight in the right way. We need to support Russia in Ukraine, help us and prepare for war. Macron's words were not about today, but about tomorrow and the next day,” the political scientist said.

Possibility of NATO operations without stagnation of Art. 5, as in the Balkans, turns off. Because on the territory of the vast Yugoslavia, the Allied armies were not confronted by one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world. And NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, it seems, has placed today’s dots over the “i”. In other words, there are no plans to station military units in Ukraine.

Military action on a bilateral basis is not an option. What Ukrainian partners stream

There is also a concern about the direction of military affairs on a bilateral basis. According to the Russians, it is unlikely that outside the region they can send their armies to Ukraine. In addition, most of those who theoretically could help are with NATO, and the reaction to those that foreign troops will perish in the warehouse of their contingents may be good for the alliance.

“For example, France itself will send an expeditionary corps to Ukraine, and then continue to beat Russian aviation and artillery. Russia will declare France an enemy and launch winged missiles at Paris. How will NATO react if missiles fly through Poland, Ugorshchina or Slovakchin? If the reaction will not Uzgodzhennoy, then the stench will become a cold shower for Macron,” Kovalenko respects.

Significantly, the statement of the French leader came to light the next day after President Volodymyr Zelensky was inspired to win foreign armies. Zokrem, he was asked to comment on the statement of the great ambassador Vadim Prystaik about those that Britain is one country, how in the minds of the catastrophic development of the war they can direct their armored forces to Ukraine.

“We are not negotiating with our partners about the stagnation of their armies on the territory of Ukraine. If Ukraine will be in NATO, for us (there will be, – ed.) the greatest guarantees of security. Apparently, I think, we are vikorists vatimemo p'yatu amendment (Art. 5 about collective defense – ed.), how this (re-invasion of the Russian Federation – ed.) will happen. It’s difficult for the ambassador to comment without going into an interview, maybe he knows,” he said and said that “like the British It’s true that it’s wonderful here.”

Officially in Britain they didn’t say anything about this, but the fact that such signals are being overpowered is already a positive thing, says Volodymyr Fesenko. There will be no direct participation in the war between France and Great Britain.

“It is possible to look at options with volunteers, unofficial participation through guards, instructors and guards serving the new high-tech equipment. Which I do not include,” he said.

It’s significant that for days the Czech president Peter Paul allowed two dozen Czechs to serve in the Ukrainian army. These foreign volunteers have been fighting for Ukraine for a long time, hidden at the warehouse of the International Legion, Polish, Belarusian corps and other formations.

Uchora Emmanuel Macron, having won over Putin, and giving his partners a reason for roses dumiv. As historical evidence shows, from the beginning you need to make a statement and then there will be specific actions. The main idea is that Europeans are preparing to prepare for war, not for Ukraine, but for themselves. Step by step to recognize the threat and, possibly, change the strategic approach within an hour. The results may be different, and it is possible that they will lead to Ukraine’s accession to NATO by adding Fesenko.

Terms and important information about the Russian war against Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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