• 20/07/2024 02:59

Lithuania plans to train about 3,500 Ukrainian military personnel in 2024

This is more than we achieved this year.

In 2024, Lithuania plans to conduct training for 3,500 Ukrainian military personnel. This is more than this year.

This year, Lithuanian instructors conducted training for 2,900 Ukrainians. Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas announced this in X.

“Lithuanian military instructors successfully completed the 2023 exercise cycle, providing valuable skills to approximately 2,900 Ukrainian military personnel. Our commitment to strengthening Ukraine's capabilities remains unwavering,” he said.

Lithuania's assistance with training

The country began military training of Ukrainians back in 2022. For two years, the country helped with training for the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, sappers, anti-aircraft installation operators, fire training instructors and other defenders.

In addition, the country plans to approve a three-year plan for military and other assistance to Ukrainians.


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