• 13/07/2024 00:58

“Look for your “brothers”: the Air Force showed the location of the pilots of downed Russian fighters

It is known that the bomber pilots ejected.

"Look for your > during air strikes on positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Air Force destroyed three at once Russian aircraft. The pilots tried to eject after the planes were shot down, but their fate will be known later.

Air Force speaker Yuri Ignat spoke about this on the telethon, and the PS commander also showed the probable location of the Russian pilots.< /p>

“The planes were hit. According to intelligence data, the parachutes were flying. We also learn that the pilots survived, even from their public pages. “This will be known soon,” he said.

Air Force Commander Nikolai Oleshchuk on Telegram told the infidels how to find their pilots.

“There is such an international satellite search and rescue system – Cospas-Sarsat. In case of accidents, it notifies pilots of the location of personal beacons. As you can see, the system is working! In the photo – four Cospas -Sarsat worked (dots on the map) – look for the “brothers” in these areas! Don’t thank me!”, wrote Oleschuk.

Today, the Ukrainian Air Force destroyed three Russian Su-34 and Su-35 aircraft during enemy airstrikes.


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