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“LPR” leader Pasichnik is on trial for holding “elections” under occupation

RBC-Ukraine reports about this after sending a message to the Luhansk regional prosecutor's office.

Please note that the text does not indicate the name and nickname, Let's talk about the so-called posad of the “head of the LPR”, as Leonid Pasichnik is attacking.


The investigation established that from 1 to 10 June 2023, consistent with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the “LPR”, illegal “elections of people’s deputies and deputies of representative bodies were held in the occupied territories of the Lugansk region municipal authorities of the “LPR” of the first meeting.”

On the 23rd of last year, he was involved in the re-election to impeach the “head of the LPR” at the mercy of the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin and swore allegiance to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the pseudo-republic. Entering the landing of the “kerivnik”.

Photo : Vatazhok “LPR” (lug.gp.gov.ua)

The figure continues to conduct active anti-Ukrainian activities on the territory of the pseudo-republic. Systematically take your share of the Kremlin’s propaganda media campaigns.

What will I threaten

Prosecutors withdrew the indictment of the “LPR” mob before the trial. He is charged with participation in organizing and holding illegal elections in the time-occupied territory, public appeals before their holding and voluntary election to the illegal government.

The beekeeper faces up to 10 losses of willpower. The prosecutor’s office also stated that Pasichnik, together with representatives of the Russian Federation, had previously created plans for the annexation of the Luhansk region by holding a fictitious “referendum” and signing an agreement on the “annexation” of the region to Russia.

For the crime low level of abuse against the foundations of the national security of Ukraine Another indictment had previously been sent to court.

Proceedings for other top collaborators

In the dark past, the court sentenced the “head of the Zaporizhzhya region” Evgen Balitsky to 15 terms of freedom.

A similar term was taken away by the “head of the Kherson region” Volodymyr Saldo.

The prosecutor’s office also informed about the transfer of the indictment to the DPR gangster Denis Pushilin.

Terms and important information about him Well, Russia versus Ukraine read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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