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Magura vs Sea Baby. How Ukrainian drones conduct a “sea battle” against Russian ships and more

Ukrainian forces sank the Russian patrol ship “Sergiy Kotov”. According to estimates, over two years, a third of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation has been reduced and damaged, including the new Magura and Sea Baby drones.

More details about this development, characteristics and about those who have already changed the rules of war at sea, – from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following were used: Wikipedia information, statements by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Kiril Budanov, the speaker of the Navy Dmitry Pletenchuk, the head of the SBU Vasyl Malyuk and the speaker of the special service Artem Dekhtyarenok, comments by the military-naval expertDef ence Express by Volodymyr Zablotsky


The brainchild of the GUR. What we know about Magura V5: characteristics and goals

Vranci 5 Bereznia A number of Magura V5 drones consistently attacked the patrol ship “Sergiy Kotov” near the area of ​​occupied Kerch. As a result, it sank. It is noteworthy that the remaining ships launched were transferred to the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in 2022. At this time, three such vessels are out of service – “Vasil Bikov”, “Dmitro Rogachov” and “Pavlo Derzhavin”, and two more – “Viktor Velikiy” and “Mikola Sip'yagin” are being prepared for launching.

First, Magura drones attacked “Kotov” back in September 2023, 340 km from Sevastopol, and it took five months to finish it off. Already not the only target has been defeated. The great landing ship “Cesar Kunikov” near Alupka, the missile boat “Ivanovets” and a number of landing boats were sunk in the midst of a fierce stench. And in Travna, 140 km from the Bosphorus, the exploration ship “Ivan Khurs” was successfully attacked.

The history of Ukrainian maritime drones began in the spring of 2022 with the announcement of a combat drone with a range of up to 800 km. The first development was presented at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) 2023 exhibition in Istanbul.

The Security Service of Ukraine has been busy with the drone for the first time. Vaughn worked with a private company, and later became involved in her own project, which eventually turned into Sea Baby. The Ministry of Armor's Intelligence Directorate (GUR) quickly benefited from the services of the cob distributor, which led to the appearance of Magura V5. At the end of 2023, there is a report from CNN, which confirmed that the kamikaze boat is ready to dry up.

Magura V5 is a multi-purpose surface ship capable of conducting surveillance, reconnaissance, patrolling, ritual operations and fighting combat missions.

Photo: Magura V5 surface drone (video screenshot)

“This is a more accessible solution that can be easily launched from any distant place. The unmanned control of V5 will minimize the need for human resources for successful missions, changing the potential for mortality during work in sane minds,” – said the growers.

The hydrodynamic body and thinning profile allow the drone to move smoothly and with amazing maneuverability.

Main characteristics:

Magura is equipped with an autopilot system, video systems, including a night battery , reserve modules and combat units. The autonomy is up to 60 years, the cost is estimated at 10 million hryvnia.

Recently, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirilo Budanov, stated that the drone was created specifically for snooping on Russian ships. In these words, work is now being carried out on Magura's capabilities. For example, install an anti-aircraft defense unit (PPO) on an unmanned platform. In order to ensure that it is necessary to accommodate the identified, buried purpose and level, technically this task is not easy, but, in Budanov’s opinion, it is real.

“Sea Baby” from the SBU. Sea Baby is needed for what the new generation needs

At the end of 2023, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Navy simultaneously carried out a comprehensive operation, just as drones were blowing up two spills of the Krimsky Bridge. And the great landing ship “Olenegorsky Girnik” (at the port in Novorossiysk) and the SIG tanker were attacked by the sickle.

As it became clear, the purpose was to attack the new Sea Baby drone. According to the words of the head of the SBU Vasyl Malyuk, this is a unique development, the production has been developed in underground places, and Ukrainian fachs – IT specialists, engineers, etc. – are working on it.

Photo: Sea Baby drones of the first generation (

Detailed characteristics, under the Magura name, are not publicly available. At least two modifications were reported. Zokrema, the bridge was hit by drones with 850 kg warheads, and on the ship and tanker – with 450 kg warheads.

Having assigned the SBU river officer Artem Dekhtyarenko to the beginning of a large-scale invasion, Russia dominated the water, kept trimal water under fire control and blocked the grain corridor. That's why prototypes of drones appeared as early as 2022, and that spring they first attacked targets near the Sevastopol Bay – the frigates “Admiral Makarov” and “Admiral Essen”, a minesweeper and a patrol ship. Advance attacks in 2023 were already planned with the help of Sea Baby.

In the spring and winter they were involved in attacks on the small missile ship “Samum”, the patrol ship “Pavlo Derzhavin”, the tugboat “Professor Mikola Muru” and the minesweeper “Volodymyr Kozitsky”. At the same time, information appeared about the fact that the drones transformed from kamikazes to the multipurpose platform, and the philosophy of development was the decomposition of a warship around the elements: the features of the PPO, attacks and defenses that are installed on the edges of the berms Pages of the boat.

“We have a very asymmetrical approach, if a drone costs 8.5 million hryvnias, a military ship costs tens of millions of dollars,” Dekhtyarenko said.

At present, the unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with 2-6 rocket-propelled flamethrowers on a base of disposable grenade launchers with RPV-16 thermobaric ammunition. At the same time, the UNITED24 fund and its partners launched a collection of 300 million hryvnia for the production of 35 units of Sea Baby-2024, and recently the first sample was presented to a wide audience, which is positioned as a new generation drone.

“We have taken away the power of the name, as it is called with full-fledged combat ships. We called it “Avdiivka”. This is a reminder to the enemy about the impoverished Ukrainian place and as a symbol of the fact that retribution is being paid to Russia,” said Dekhtyarenko.

In other words, Sea Baby-2024 is even more advanced and more deadly for the enemy. The latest models have improved both in appearance and in characteristics. For example, the manufacturer can deliver 1000 kg of vibukhivka more than 1000 km.

“This means that the SBU can reach the target actually in any point of the Black Sea. It is time to go through a new cycle of testing… (on the new, – ed.) integrate the new onboard equipment and make it more practical There are all technical nuances. Of course, we will reveal further plans “We can’t for obvious reasons. And the SBU guarantees that the Russians will have a very busy holiday season,” adding the riverman.

On the river Krimsky Bridge behind the help of Sea Baby, 11 Russian military ships were attacked. Some of them are not irrevocable expenses, and for the renewal of others, a trivial term may be needed. The head of the special service, Vasil Malyuk, says that the flagship drone Sea Baby is considered to be a rich platform, and not just a kamikaze boat. With their help, “new surprises” are being prepared for Russians in 2024, and not least the Crimean Bridge, which, in other words, is already a saying.

It is noteworthy that, judging from the published footage, for the connection with the sea The Avdiivka drone is used by Starlink satellite internet.

Magura and Sea Baby? What kind of surface drone is the best

The guidance and control system is the same, both on Magura and on Sea Baby, like the military and naval expert of Defense Express Volodymyr Zablotsky. There is a difference in dimensions, weight of warheads and, apparently, in recognition.

“Magura is a specialized anti-ship unmanned boat. It carries a 200 kg warhead, two 100 kg bombs, which is enough to sink ships. Sea Baby, rough in appearance, is an enlarged copy, is 6 meters long y and wider. vibukhovki and, in my opinion, are also intended for the purpose of supporting the Krimsky Bridge,” said RBC-Ukraine in a commentary.

According to him, the BDK “Olenegorsky Girnik” and the tanker SIG were attacked by a lighter version called “Kozak Mamai”. She carried over 400 kg of vibrator, both made of steel and armored. Prote, having shown evidence from “Sergius Kotov” and “Caesar Kunikov”, that the unarmored Magura successfully defeats ships, the crew of which is trying to fight off machine guns and artillery guns.

That is incorrectly said. and, what’s more beautiful – Magura chi Sea Baby.

Photo: Sea Baby can become a “bridge builder” (

“Sea Baby is not about destroying bridges. Drones are massacred for reasons that are equal to the vantage point of the Mercedes,” added the expert.

Unimportant at this point, offensive drones have already played an important role in the fight against the Russian fleet at Chorny sea, like the riverman of the Viyskovo-Marine Forces Dmitro Pletenchuk.

“A lot of effort has been assigned to safe combat systems. I can say that this problem can be classified as a game changer. This is the type of game that has been changed since the rules of the game have changed. And in this sense, Ukraine has a light driver for “hundreds of unmanned systems today,” stating at yesterday's briefing

SBU representative Artem Dekhtyarenko says that part of the special operations are carried out with the Navy, and mostly with the GUR, then they will always be happy for their successes.

“We a strong meta – protect the enemy, so we are all actively interacting. There is no word about competition,” adding Vin.

Surface drones have changed the rules of the game in the sense that Ukraine, without actually having a permanent fleet, has managed to capture part of the Russian fleet and withdraw more ships from the occupied Crimea. But this does not mean that the fleet is not needed.

“Ukraine plays asymmetrically and wins. Everyday drones do not replace the ship, it is a waste, which is not within their power. It is either a torpedo, a bomb or a missile. “The stinks cannot land landing troops. The stinks cannot sail in distant waters, for example, near the Mediterranean Sea, where there are fleets (of Ukraine's future allies, – ed.) of NATO and the prevailing global supply,” Zablotsky explained.

How many ships are there in the Black Sea and how many are between the battlefields of the Russian fleet?

The results of the remaining strikes are obvious – Russian ships are moving around the same part of the Black Sea, moving between ports in But Vorosiysk, Sochi and Tuapse. Once Sevastopol was occupied, its presence was reduced to a minimum. Pletenchuk’s words require more than one treatment for various reasons.

In two years it was possible to consolidate Russia's dominance in the western part of the Black Sea, including unblocking the grain corridor. The threat of missile attacks from the Black Sea has significantly decreased, but there is still a stink.

“We still have a lot of robots, we are planning special operations, we know the military objectives of the enemy, we have a lot of logistics arteries, and we will succeed in the future and soon. Really. The SBU will tell you about its plans if it achieves results. “Therefore, instead of forecasts, we work on our own right: the enemy will be found by any means on land or at sea,” said the special service speaker Dekhtyarenko and recalling the words of Malyuk about those who after the destruction of all missile carriers, respectfully switch to dvodni chovny.

Photo: unimportant on significant expenses, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is still a threat to Ukraine (

Pletenchuk provides the following statistics: due to the total number of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, about 80 one-third have been reduced and many more ships have been damaged. Irreversible expenditure – 27 units, including 14 serious ships, including large landing ships, missile boats, the Rostov-on-Don submarine and a patrol ship. 15 ships are damaged and are undergoing repairs.

“This presence is careful not to be serious – there are 10 missile carriers (including three submarine ships), 2 missile boats, a number of patrol and patrol ships. There are also 5 great landing ships lost service (4 under repair). I can say that “Grouping in the Azov-Black Sea region is getting serious,” he said.

Evidently, the Russian fleet may be approaching a critical point. There is a growing thought about those who need to protect tens of ships and the Russian Black Sea Fleet as soon as they stop worrying about it. Ale expert Volodymyr Zablotsky oberezhny in assessments. In addition, the aggressor gets to replenish the ship's warehouse.

“They stink of vikorist factories in the occupied Kerch and Feodosia. The same “Sergiy Kotov” and two more ships were built there, two more will be built. There will be small missile ships of the “Karakurt” type. And they also ship from the Caspian Sea and Zelenodolsk (Ta Tarstan, there there is a shipyard on Volz, – ed.). This year, dozens of ships stinked as if from the Black Sea in an hour of war,” – indicating wine from Russia.

It is significant that from the Caspian Sea and Zelenodolsk Russians transfer ships by inland waterways through the Volga-Don shipping canal to the Sea of ​​Azov. In addition, the Black Sea Fleet is assisted by FSB ships, of which there are many, and they take part in the aggression.

Speak about the fighting capacity of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and about those that need to be sunk to inform them ї to zero, it is possible more clearly. Ideally, for starters, you should finish off 10 missile carriers that you have lost, among them three submarine ships. How to save them is still unclear. That same “Rostov-on-Don” was destroyed by a Storm Shadow missile for repairs in the Sevastopol department.

“I can’t say anything here, but I know that ours are working on it. Perhaps there will be some submarine drones. Because the torpedoes are burning on them, I’m amazed,” said Zablotsky.

The fact is that today the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is consigned to a single task – the task of missile strikes. And then we can’t leave Miss Tarkhankut anymore, because as we enter, the strike zone of Ukrainian missiles begins, the expert added.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read on RBC-Ukraine channels on Telegram.

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