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Mazepa's brother was arrested as soon as possible

Igor Mazepa’s brothers, Yuriy, who is one of those who are accused of the evil organization, this days on the night of 20 September, the court ruled against war with an alternative to a prison sentence of 44 million hryvnias.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from reports on “Suspilnya”.

It appears that the prosecutor’s office asked for confession Yuri Mazepa received a checkpoint worth 500 million hryvnias.

“We beat the checkpoint worth 500 million hryvnias, 10 times. We also paid a paid camera in advance, we are going to check it,” said his lawyer Artem Krikun-Trush.

Yuri Mazepa, according to lawyer Taras Poshyvanyuk, is also suspected of participating in a malicious group. However, he stated that he does not know the details.

On the right is Mazepa

I guess, on the 18th day, RBC-Ukraine reported about those who were harassing the prominent Ukrainian businessman Igor Mazepa at the Ukrainian-Polish border. Later, the Concorde Capital company clarified that the businessman wants to leave the country in order to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Uchora, 19 sichnya, Pechersk District Court of Kiev, having filed a request Last entry. They planned to place him under arrest. According to the court's decisions, Mazepa should be placed in a remand prison until 27 years of severe detention.

Mazepa is suspected of organizing schemes for illegally plundering the land of the Kiev hydroelectric station. Also, the authorities of the State GeoCadastre took part in the scheme. One of the police officers of the State GeoCadastre was arrested last month, RBC-Ukraine officials reported.

Similarly, yesterday, 19 September, two more defendants were arrested. This was reported to the Office of the Prosecutor General.

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