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Metinvest named the reasons why Ukrainian enterprises operate with zero profitability

The Metinvest company has spent a lot of money over two years of the war. In addition, during the hour of transformation, the company had a great response: 9,000 out of 60 thousand soldiers of the company went to war, and the factories are still operating at marginal profitability.

About the price RBC-Ukraine is appealing to the general director of the group ” Metinvest” by Yuri Rizhenkov in an interview with The Telegraf.

According to Rizhenkov, it is especially difficult to encourage production: workers wear bulletproof vests and boots to work, and the company has prepared cover to protect them from direct fire.

“Obviously, for the company this was a huge shock right from the start, especially due to the bombing and the high level of missile attacks, especially on some of our enterprises, which were deployed literally 35-40 kilometers from the front line. ka vluchan,” says the company’s general director.

Rizhenkov also noted that the priority for Metinvest is to improve the work of enterprises, which means that the company will continue to stay afloat. In general, metallurgical plants Groups work at 65-75% strength, and at a price lower than normal, the data shows.

“If you want to be profitable in the metallurgical industry, the demand for business may be more than 80%. If we are hired, we can provide jobs and salaries for our employees and save labor “We may be able to continue to serve our clients.” – said the general director of Metinvest.

As it turns out, in 2023, the Metinvest group transferred UAH 14.6 billion in taxes and fees to the budgets of all equals in Ukraine. Among the largest taxes owed is the unified social contribution, which amounts to 3.3 billion UAH, the tax on income – 3.2 billion UAH, and the tax on personal income – over 3 billion UAH.

Guess what, businesses SCM, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and the football club “Shakhtar” have already donated more than 7.6 billion UAH (over $223 million) to help the country, the military and civilians during 24 months of the large-scale invasion.

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