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Military assistance and more. Shmigal hopes about the decisions on which Ukraine stands with the EU

Ukraine is aware that in the near future the EU will praise the decision to see a long-term vision ї military assistance and confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation .

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a message to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmigal.

Military assistance

In his words, European leaders confirmed their intention to continue the military Spotlight of Ukraine.

“Zokrema, we are already planning to create a special instrument for Ukraine within the framework of the European Peace Fund,” the prime minister said.

We are expecting 20 billion euros of military support for the coming 4 years.

Confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation

Okremo Shmigal, emphasizing the position of the EU that the confiscation of frozen Russian assets should be stopped.

“Before that, we were told that this is impossible. That these assets have been stolen by the “sovereign immunity”. That these assets can be frozen, rather than confiscated. That Ukraine cannot afford insurance at this cost,” the prime minister said.

Having noted that two years of work and constant advocacy of the great team of Ukraine, and now European leaders confirm a plan to recover income from the frozen assets of the Russian Federation.

The officer added to the department that Ukraine is in flux and views this process as the first intermediate stage, and not as an alternative to confiscation.

The decision is made to help Ukraine

It seems likely that ora, 1 In spite of everything, the leaders of the European Union praised the vision of 50 billion euros for Ukraine within the Ukraine Facility programs.

The people behind them became aware of those who managed to unlock help for our country.

For more details about the EU decision to raise 50 billion euros for Ukraine, read the RBC-Ukraine article.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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