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Missile attack on Kiev: the number of victims has grown to 38

Kiev has once again seen an increase in the number of victims of missile attacks. Narasi knows about 38 wounded.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a message sent to the Telegram channel of the Kiev Municipal Military Administration.

Along with the KIVA data, as of 13:11, we know about:

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  • 4 died;
  • 38 injured.
  • “The operational information will still be clarified,” the press service added.

    Massive shelling of Ukraine

    Today, February 7, the Russians launched a number of strikes on the territory of Ukraine, UAV strikes, missiles, ballistic missiles, as well as anti-aircraft missiles. The Zagal was filled with 64 units of the air attack, and itself:

    • 20 attack UAVs of the Shahed-136/131 type;
    • 29 missiles X-101/X-555/X -55 from 10 Tu-95MS aircraft;
    • 4 Kh-22 missiles from Tu-22M3 bombers;
    • 3 missiles from the Kalibr naval base;
    • < li>3 Iskander-M ballistic missiles;

    • 5 S-300 anti-aircraft ceramic missiles;

    The anti-aircraft defense lost 44 targets. In the hour before the end of the country, the anti-aircraft missile forces, the military aviation of the Air Forces, the mobile fire-fighting groups of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, and the specialties of radio-electronic warfare were established.

    As the riverman recognized The military forces of the ZSU Yuriy Ignat, the missiles were maneuvering near the western regions of Ukraine, zokrema and to the Polish cordon.

    For more details about the legacy of the massive attack, read the material from RBC-Ukraine

    Missile attack on Kiev

    Zokrem the enemy attacked the capital of Ukraine. Near the Golosiivsky district, a lot of the surface burned down, and on the left birch there were damaged electrical lines.

    Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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