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Missile strike on Sumy: the number of victims has increased sharply, two died

As a result of the missile strike of Russian terrorists on Sumy, 7 Bereznya, 26 people were injured. Two people also died.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a post on the Facebook page of the Sumy Regional Military Administration (OVA).

At 12:00 we are aware of:

    < li>26 victims. 6 people are in medical care.
  • 2 dead characters;

As a result of the blow, the premises of the school, the central Moscow hospital, the regional center for emergency medical care, and the water utility were damaged. 135 windows and 10 doors were also knocked out.


In the dispensary, 28 windows and 2 doors were damaged. If the damage is done, the medical mortgage will continue to work.

Sumy Regional Center for Emergency Medical Care and Disaster Medicine

36 windows were broken and damaged, a stele on 4 surfaces, 3 dormer windows on the roof, a garage area and more.

Other ruins

There were also damages:

  • in the regional blood center there are 21 windows and 2 entrance doors;
  • in to the municipal mortgage of the Sumy region for the sake of damage to 4 windows, doors and doors;
  • in the initial mortgage, 12 windows, 2 doors, a wall were damaged;
  • electricity supply, heat supply, central water supply and water supply have been updated. The deposit is carried out as usual;
  • 6 windows have been damaged at the Initial Production Center;
  • all windows on the gates and in the workshop have been damaged at the Budivlya Service Station;
  • y As a result, the water utility damaged 5 windows, 3 doors.

Photo: in Sumy, the number of victims of a missile attack has grown (facebook.com/sumska. oda)

Blow on Sumy 7th Bereznya

Syogodni, 7th Bereznya, under the hour of great alarm in Sumy, the moon broke out. At that time, the military forces were ahead of the launches of ceramic bombs by tactical aircraft of the enemy.

Later, the Sumy OVA announced that the enemy had launched missiles at the site, as a result of which civil infrastructure was damaged a.

In the evening, the head of the OVA, Volodymyr Artyukh, spoke about the fact that 4 people were killed before medical deaths, and about 10 were injured in total.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine can be read on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram .

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