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Mobilized Bashkirs take part in military operations against Ukraine, – CNS

Mobilized Bashkirs are hoping to avoid direct participation in the combat operations of the Russian Army for those renakh of Ukraine. In this way, the fighters are trying to be saved for the continuation of the free reign in Bashkortostan.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a message to the Center for National Resistance (CNS).

Participants of the Ukrainian underground rebel group have clearly recorded There are special preferences for military occupiers behind the ethnic sign.

Thus, officers of Bashkir nationality gradually want to transfer their fellow countrymen from non-combatants to the cities. Zokrema, the Bashkirs moved to another train on the Kreminsky direct and near Avdiivka, surrounded by logistical support and repair and evacuation care for the leading Russian troops.

“Such a stink (officers. – ed.) try to protect the mobilized Bashkirs as much as possible “, in order to continue the people's free reign in Bashkortostan. On this basis, the military servicemen of the Russians have repeatedly had small conflicts with representatives of the Tatar nationalities,” the informant said.

Protests in Russia

In the middle of this year, the Republic of Bashkortostan experienced one of the largest protests in Russia with the beginning of a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. The protesters came to the defense of local environmental activist Fayil Alsinov, who was called a “red-hot international warden” and was sentenced to four deaths in prison. The Russian police massively stood up against the people with brutal force. Protests have spread throughout the entire territory of Bashkortostan, including the capital of the region – the city of Ufa.

At this time, protests from relatives of mobilized Russian soldiers under the name “Pu” are gaining momentum in various places in Russia. go home.” The Kremlin is trying to suppress the protests, the security forces are trying to suppress their participants.

The resurgence of large-scale protests in Russia followed Putin’s shock at the so-called “partial mobilization” in the spring of 2022. These protests arose in various regions of the Russian Federation. Zokrema, near the capital of Dagestan, Makhachkala, during the hour of rallies, people were massively arrested.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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